American Violet

I just received an email from the ACLU about this woman’s story. I look forward to seeing the film.

Based on real events and set in small town Texas in the year 2000, American Violet tells the story of Dee Roberts (Nicole Beharie), a 24 year old African-American mother of four who is swept up in a drug raid and falsely accused based on the uncorroborated testimony of a single informant. Despite the urgings of her mother Alma (Alfre Woodard), Dee rejects a plea bargain that would release her from jail but forever brand her as a felon. With the custody of her children at stake, she instead decides to take on the powerful district attorney behind it all, Calvin Beckett (Michael O’Keefe). Roberts finds herself in an unlikely alliance with ACLU attorney David Cohen (Tim Blake Nelson) and former local narcotics officer Sam Conroy (Will Patton). With inspiring courage and dignity, Dee overcomes seemingly insurmountable obstacles, forever changing her and the Texas justice system.

American Violet

9 responses to “American Violet

  • Cathy Robinson

    I just recently saw the movie. I was totally taken aback at the way Blacks were treated here in Texas. It is shameful that things like this are still happening.

    We need to fight the injustices that still exist inthis country!

  • Brenda Anderson

    This movie was so true to life; not only in Texas but around the country especially in the South. This explains why there’s so many Africian Amer in jails… This has to change; injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…Peace

  • Judy Jackson Raines

    WOW, this movie takes you back. I am 55 years old and have lived in the south all my life. I can’t believe that this type of justice is still going on in the 21st century, anywhere. This is like the big elephant in the room, everyone see it but doesn’t say anything or is scared. At the showing of this movie this guy is still DA. In order for justice to be just that, we need to make sure of who is or is not in office.

  • sharona

    I recently view the movie and recommend everyone to watch this movie. For those who think civil rights era corrected these problems WRONG!!. This is really another way of supressing Blacks and also the lost of right to vote,aquired public assitances,ability to find employment,your children. It no wonder or suprise, that most felons will committed a crime and end up back in jail or prison when odd are stacked up against them.

  • Kori Jackson

    I recently watched the film for the second time and was still very taken aback by the misjustice that people still face in the 20th century. I am a California native but have resided in New Orleans, LA since 2004, I wish that i could say that I was unaware of the racism in todays society, but I’m not. I am a young African American women, college educated, employed, and single. All that said, I still face the exact same things illustrated in this film. I pray that one day this form of ignorance and prejudice will come to an end but honestly, for the south I’m not to sure.

  • cheri meier

    I was beyond stunned that Mr. Beckett was reelected, absolutely stunned and disgusted with the voters in that part of Texas. What a dispicable human being! What a corrupt justice system; I am sick to my stomach that people are treated like animals based on their skin color and white people like Mr. Beckett have the power to ruin lives, and spew hatred. His day of judgement will come and what awaits him comforts me.

  • Julius

    I have watched American Violet so many times and each time my heart goes out for those kids, and Dee, she trully is a strong mother who stood for her kids. There’s a lot of injustice to the AA, but we cannot allow ourlseves to remain there and continue to act as the wounded. I like the spirirt that Dee alludes, we need to stand up for that which is right. lets not give any excuse for the injustice to be metted on us or our children, lets keep off the rough side of life. We can only figh injustice with justice. I would like to send a few of my books to the community in Melody (or whatever its real name is) in support of what Dee stood for and as a testament that we can carry on regardless. I’m researching for the local pastor of this community to be ableto do this. God bless you all, we stand together.

  • Deborah L. Cook

    This injustice infuriated me and even more so to learn that this man an obvious RACIST was re-elected!! How do we raise our children to be colorblind, as it should be, with a man like that in a position of power? He abused his position to do horrific things to fellow human beings.
    I applaud this young woman for having the courage to stand up for what is right in the face of Evil. What an inspiration she is!!! Fight the fight for what is right!!!

  • sara mayo

    I also agree with all of the above comments…we should run this movie daily until it gets into the the peoples minds as to what is going on in america every day.

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