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Always The Last To Know

It happens when you’re the black sheep, you know? People don’t tell you shit! They either think you’re not worth telling, or that you don’t care. Well, in a way I’m glad to be estranged. My family (parents mainly) are dysfunctional in too many ways to mention. Fortunately, my sister married a decent, stable and relatively normal man who, as far as I can tell, has done a fantastic job of raising their two kids since my sister died nearly eight years ago.

I spent a lot of time with their oldest when he was a baby and through his toddler years. We bonded then, and I can still feel it when I see him, however seldom that has been. I don’t know if he still feels it, but I do and, damn it, I want to know when he does something like join the Army fresh out of high school.

I found out about an hour ago that he had joined the Army right after graduation this past summer. He had orders to Afghanistan which were canceled. He’ll end up going, though. There’s really no question about that, is there? It’s only a matter of time.

This has been quite an emotional morning for me and my thoughts are all over the place. I’m tired of hiding out, unable to be in contact with people I love or speak openly about specific things that I do and places I go because of a fucking psychopath who is a complete waste of oxygen.

Sorry folks. It’s 9:30 a.m. and it’s already been quite a day.

Work. Yes, that annoying task that keeps the lights on and the heat running. I’d better refocus and fast. Maybe I can write more coherently about this some other time.

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Sarah Palin: Full Of Crap, Bless Her Heart

Sarah Palin responds to a heckler by saying that her son is in Iraq fighting for his right to protest:

Yes, she’s skillful — a skillful bullshitter, bless her heart.

Does she actually believe what she said, bless her heart? Or, bless her heart, is she capable of telling such a blatant lie regarding the purpose of this war, even with her own son serving there? Either way, she doesn’t exactly come out of that smelling like roses, bless her heart.

Don’t you just love the magic of “bless her heart”? When skillfully used, it makes lies, insults and attacks disappear into thin air. Amazing, isn’t it?

So she says that her son (not to mention the rest of the troops) are in Iraq fighting for the heckler’s right to protest, gives him a thumbs-up, blows him a kiss and then has him thrown out of the rally!

Assuming she actually believes what she said, and was sincere in her gestures of approval, it seems rather hypocritical to have a protester thrown out.

Not only that, but doesn’t it seem sort of like taking a dump on her son (and the rest of the troops)? I mean there they are risking their lives for our rights, while at the very same time those very same rights are being denied by the very same person who just reminded us what they’re fighting for in Iraq. Rather disrespectful to her son (and the rest of the troops) isn’t it?

You know, assuming she actually believed and meant what she said.

Incidentally, another magic formula is contained in “the troops”. You can get away with almost anything if you involve “the troops”. Want to squash dissent about the war? Say your opponent is disrespecting the troops. Want to make a pesky investigation vanish? Mention that your son is one of the troops, add in an “Aww, shucks!” for good measure, and watch those checks and balances disappear!

I’ve just watched the first clip again, several times, and in several different videos. I can’t quite make out what she says immediately after, “[…] my son is in Iraq fighting for your right to protest right now”. Does she actually follow up with, “… so watch what you say?” Surely not! But that’s kind of what it looks like, especially in this clip.

Am I imagining things, or did she really say that? What do you think? Would she really say something so utterly stupid and contradictory? Judging from what I’ve seen and heard for the past few weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Bless her heart.

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The Powers That Be

After reading Let There Be Gas at Gary William Murning Online, I became intrigued and decided to follow up on Prayer at the Pump. I thought that with the way things have been going, if gas prices started to go down, I might give this whole God thing a bit more consideration. Well… not really, but that was kind of funny, huh?

Anyway, I’m interested in knowing what Twyman and Co. have to say about this:

Gasoline prices have soared to levels never seen before as even the inflation-adjusted price for a gallon of unleaded topped the 1981 record spike in price that had stood for 26 years.


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