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Thirty Day Experiment

I haven’t told you about our other blog yet, have I? It’s called Thirty Day Experiment. Here’s the idea taken from our About page, written by Mike:

The reason for the existence of the 30 Day Experiment is for us to challenge ourselves to live a little differently. If we can spend thirty days living in a way which is significantly different to the way we would live normally, maybe we can find it in ourselves to be ready to make positive changes and grow with time.

And, of course, it makes for some interesting blogging material!

The aim is to take one aspect of our lives, which must be fundamental in character like eating, and radically change something for a month. That’s it. We will record our thoughts, actions and reactions over the course of this time and hopefully leave an interesting document behind us.

We started this on September 1st, so this thirty day experiment is nearly over. Mike is living as a vegan and I have been doing yoga every day.

Yoga bendingThe reason yoga is so significant for me is because I have a medical condition which causes chronic joint and muscle pain. Mild exercise is good for me, but doing even a little too much can aggravate it and land me in bed for several days. Finding just the right balance and not crossing that very fine line can be quite difficult, but I think I’ve found it in a fifteen minute daily yoga routine for beginners.

I had planned to post daily updates like Mike does, but I quickly discovered that there’s not a lot to say about yoga on a daily basis, aside from the fact that I’ve done it. I’ve tried to post at least once a week, though, and my whopping six entries can be found here (read from the bottom of the page to the top for chronological order, of course).

Mike, on the other hand has been posting faithfully and I’m impressed with how well he’s doing. In his entries, you’ll find recipes, cooking tips, nutritional information and a lot of other interesting and useful stuff related to Veganism. You might be surprised at the many things you can do with tofu, and the many ways you can get a ‘meat fix’ when you want one.

I’m not sure what direction we’ll take at the end of this month. I’m a little bored with my yoga at this point, to be honest. But I know I need something, and with my condition I’m afraid to try anything else. If it works, don’t fix it, you know? But we’ll see how it goes and let you know when we decide. Suggestions are welcome, of course.

Thanks for following along.

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