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I had today off. Well, sort of.

Since I didn’t have to work for my employer, I decided to catch up on a few projects around the house. By the time we finished school and everything else, I was more tired than I usually am after working (for pay) all day.

I’ve just finished the dinner dishes and still have several things to do before I can collapse for the night. I wanted to take a few minutes, though, to thank everyone who keeps checking in even though I haven’t been posting much lately.

I also appreciate the nice, supportive emails and I will catch up with those as soon as I possibly can. Just composing these few lines has been something of a challenge, and I prefer to answer emails when I can give them the attention they deserve. Right now, I’m asleep at the wheel.

That’s about all I’ve got left in me for tonight. I’ll close with another photo from Funnyville. It illustrates perfectly how I feel right now, and I think my dear friend and chosen sister will appreciate it.

Hope this makes you smile, Bonnie! I’ll catch up with you in morning.