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Chessie The Talking Cat

For some strange reason, I really want to believe this cat is talking. Maybe it’s because I like cats so much. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not as it appears. Nevertheless, it’s kind of funny, and I think all cat lovers/owners can relate to what’s going on here:

Chessie The Amazing Real Live Talking Cat

Barking Mad

My neighbors are arseholes. There, I said it.

My landlord used to be my roommate and owns the house we live in. She moved out last November. Since I don’t have a car and my neighbors frequently have guests and not enough parking space, I thought it would be a nice gesture to allow their guests to use my driveway when they need to. There’s enough room for two large vehicles or three compact cars. They immediately started taking me up on the offer.

At first they were just parking there, but staying in the neighbors’ yard. But there’s no fence: our yards are divided by a flower garden and some shrubs. After a while, they started migrating in this direction, hanging out by the cars in my driveway, eating, drinking and being merry. I thought it was a bit presumptuous, but I shrugged it off.

Then they started allowing all their kids to play soccer/football and other games in my front yard. They never asked me if this was OK, and did not invite my son to play with them. It seemed they had started thinking of my yard as an extension of theirs. I thought this was rude, especially given that they never even acknowledged my presence when I was coming or going from the house.
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Orphan Kittens – Update

Well, that was certainly interesting.

It’s amazing how much effort it takes to care for three tiny kittens. Bottle-feeding, for starters, was something quite new for me. My son was breastfed, so mixing, measuring, and washing up were things I never even thought about when he was a baby. And did you know that bottle-fed kittens need to be burped just like human babies? It was really kind of funny to hear; it sounded more like a squeak than any burp my son ever let loose.

Although I had never thought about burping kittens, it didn’t really come as a huge surprise. One thing that did catch me off guard, however, was the fact that very young kittens do not spontaneously pee or poop; they have to be stimulated. Usually, the mother cat does this by licking the kittens on their bottoms. But with Mother Cat no longer in the picture, who do you think inherited this honor? You guessed it: Yours Truly. I’ve never been much of an arse kisser, so you can imagine how relieved I was to learn that this ritual can be simulated with the use of a damp cotton ball. And, by golly, it works. Who knew? Well… someone did, obviously.

When my cat had kittens a few years ago, I did wonder briefly where they “went”. I saw Sassy licking their bums, but it only registered in my brain as grooming. I now realize that it was grooming and then some. I was probably just in denial. I mean, who wants to think about these things? In fact, you’re probably not thanking me for making you think about it, but I refuse to bear the burden of this knowledge alone.

Seriously, though, it was an interesting and fun experience for the most part. Not only did I learn about caring for kittens, I learned quite a bit about the pet over-population in our area, and the resources available to deal with it.

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Our Little Orphan Annie

I was hoping for an uneventful weekend. I should have known better.

Yesterday afternoon, my son was helping chase down a neighbor’s dog. Upon following the dog into the alley, he came across an abandoned litter of kittens. There were three of them, and they couldn’t be more than two or three weeks old. They were filthy, surrounded by swarming flies, and one kitten’s eyes were matted shut. It was so sad.

My son is a huge animal lover, and I’m quite fond of them myself. We couldn’t just leave them there, so we gathered them up in a towel, and took them into our utility room. They were barely moving and wouldn’t even take water.

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