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A Woman In Love

I just finished opening my heart to you, as I often do. I’m able to do this because I know my heart is safe with you. After the talk we had a few minutes ago, I know you will understand the things I am about to say and why I have to say them here for all the world to see.

Thank you, Michael, for saving me; for leading me out of the darkness into the light. You have been a friend and constant companion; a teacher and mentor. You discovered all of me by giving me the freedom to explore and discover every aspect of myself and fully accept it all.

I look forward to a lifetime of new discoveries as we continue to grow as a couple and develop as individuals.

I trust you fully with my very life; I would confidently place it in your hands. Or at your feet. With you, there is safety even in being vulnerable; in loving completely, without conditions or restrictions, and in being loved just the same.

You encourage me to press forward, even when I feel I can’t go on. You have helped me become all that I am by helping me test my own limits and expand my own boundaries. You did this, not by simply replacing my strength with yours, but by showing me my own when I was certain I had lost it.

With you, all is right with the world. I no longer feel confused, lost or alone. You give me direction that I know I can follow and you never walk so fast or so far ahead that I can’t keep up.

You, Michael, are my foundation; my rock. Because of you, my hope is renewed and I know that everything is going to work out just fine.

Friends, neighbors and co-workers look at me and see a woman who’s “together”. What they don’t see is the love and protection that enfolds me and keeps me that way; the love and protection that comes only from you. And while the parts of me that they see are quite real, no-one will ever see the entirety of who I am; the completeness of me that is only present when I melt into your arms and surrender my love to the one who nurtures it and keeps it safe – you.

The following song keeps playing in my mind, and I want to share it with you to further express how I’m feeling right now. I will post the lyrics under the video for you to read in case you’re not able to listen at the moment.

Some of the images in the following video may not be kid or work friendly.

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Bits and Bobs

Work is still going well. I’m not sure why, but my bosses seem to think the sun shines out of my arse. Every week when I’m getting ready to leave for the office to turn in work and generally make an appearance, I start to feel anxious like something terrible is going to happen. I know this is completely irrational; everything always goes very well. They always tell me what a wonderful job I’m doing, thank me profusely as if I’m doing them some kind of huge favor, and then hand me a paycheck. I wonder if I’ll ever get over the anxiety.

That reminds me of something else I’m planning to blog about soon:

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My Husband Tagged Me!

No need to call the cops or anything. He’s a good man and didn’t mean any harm.

It seems that Mike has given birth to a new meme. At least I think that’s what he said:

While I was thinking about Bacon numbers and the like, I happened to have my browser open and I caught sight of a recent comment, and thus was a new meme born.

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to the latest comment you have from someone else. Go to the blog of the person who made it. If that person doesn’t have a blog, go to the next one.

2. Click the latest comment on that blog from someone else. Go to the blog of the person who made it. If that person doesn’t have a blog, go to the next one.

3. Do this again until you have gone six blogs away. If anyone on the way doesn’t have a latest comments widget, just pick the first comment you see.

4. Post about it. Tag at least a couple of other people.

Mike posted his and then tagged me, so here’s what I found on my little journey:

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Happy Birthday My Love!

Have a wonderful birthday, Michael. Spend it doing what you want to do, with the people you care about. I know you would rather be here with us than anywhere else, and that’s what we want too. But remember, this is your last birthday that we’ll have to spend apart.

Spend it well, Honey! I’ll be there for the next one.

With all the love in my heart,
Your Lottie

Beauty And The Brain

I recently made a post entitled Virtual Bitchslap. While I have no desire to rehash it all, I do feel that I should clarify a few things.

I’ll begin by explaining that in some instances I was merely taking the piss:

The term sometimes refers to a form of mockery in which the mocker exaggerates the other person’s characteristics; pretending to take on their attitudes, etc., in order to make them look silly.

Wikipedia – Taking the piss

Further reading for my fellow non-British readers:

[…] to take the piss is to deflate somebody, to disabuse them of their mistaken belief that they are special.

World Wide Words – Take the piss

Taking the piss doesn’t always translate well in text, so it’s no wonder that there was some question regarding my true thoughts about one thing in particular.

Regretfully, while writing Virtual Bitchslap, I became so involved in driving home a particular point to a particular person, that I neglected to make a few other necessary points.

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How Do I Love Thee?

My Dearest Michael,

You are the most wonderful and loving person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We have grown together in many ways over the past seven years. Things have not always been easy for us, but loving you has been; it’s the easiest, most natural thing I’ve ever done.

I appreciate your patience and tenderness; I admire your strength and commitment to us and our future. You have loved me in ways I never knew possible, and I will always love you with a passion that I could never have imagined, until you came into my life.

You have a way of knowing what I think and how I feel, before I say a single word. The way we always “get” each other, like no-one else ever could, gives me comfort and peace. I know I can tell you anything at all; I can share my deepest feelings, greatest fears, craziest dreams, and wildest fantasies. You are kind and gentle, and your love gives me a feeling of security and safety that I never knew before.

You are the love of my life and my very best friend. I dedicate this song to you in celebration of our first month of marriage:

I do! I do!

On March 20, 2008 at approximately 11:45 a.m. I married my best friend and love of my life. It’s been a difficult, seven year journey for us, mostly because we live on separate continents. But we are deeply in love and committed to each other, so the wait has definitely been worth it.

Now that the immigration process begins, so does the next wait.

Four hours ago, I left Mike at the airport. It was incredibly sad and painful for us both. I miss him so much…

An old country song keeps playing in my head. This is the chorus:

Silver wings
Shining in the sunlight
Roaring engines
Headed somewhere in flight
They’re taking you away
And leaving me lonely
Silver wings
Slowly fading out of sight

Now I’ll wait for the silver wings to bring you back, Baby!

I love you with all that I am and all that I have!