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The Haunting Duality of Michael Jackson

The tone of discussions regarding Michael Jackson’s death range from utterly grief-stricken to ecstatic and celebratory and everything in between. I cannot honestly say that Jackson was one of my favorite performers, but that is purely down to personal taste. Nevertheless, I can certainly recognize and appreciate how extremely talented the man was. Michael Jackson, King of Pop, made an everlasting impact on the music industry and the world.

Was Jackson a child molester, as some believe? I do not know, and at this point in time, there is only a small handful of people in this world who know the truth about the allegations against him.

I may share more of my thoughts on the subject at a later time, but the main purpose of this post is to share one that Bonnie wrote last night:

“I’ll Be There” was a beautiful song, and I love it to this day. […] I found this haunting video this evening of an older Michael Jackson singing a few strains of this song at the piano, the younger Michael Jackson looking on. It’s symbolic of there being two different Michael Jacksons: […] This haunting duality is what I perceive when I think of Michael Jackson.

A Haunting Rendition

Please click through and read the full post. Be sure to watch the short video too. I believe it contains layers of meaning, possibly more so than any of us will ever realize or understand.