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Tax Refund Scam

I received this in my email yesterday:

Here is where the link leads. The only active link on the page is the one that leads to a form where you fill in your personal details:

To get to your personal refund information, be ready to enter your:

▪ Filing status (Single, Married Filing Joint Return, Married Filing Separate Return, Head of Household, or Qualifying Widow(er))
▪ Social Security Number (or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) and your Date of Birth
▪ Full name, Address, Phone and the Debit Card where refunds will be made.

Yeah, right. I’m going to give out all this personal information just because some email from the “Internat Revenue Service” told me to.

Good grief! Do people really fall for this?

The IRS does not send out unsolicited e-mails asking for personal information. An electronic mailbox has been established for you to report suspicious e-mails claiming to have been sent by the IRS.

From the real IRS website

Phishing (as in “fishing for information” and “hooking” victims) is a scam where Internet fraudsters send e-mail messages to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing personal and financial information that can be used to steal the victims’ identity. Current scams include phony e-mails which claim to come from the IRS and which lure the victims into the scam by telling them that they are due a tax refund.


The good news is that you can help shut down these schemes and prevent others from being victimized. If you receive a suspicious e-mail that claims to come from the IRS, you can relay that e-mail to a new IRS mailbox, phishing@irs.gov. Follow instructions in the link below for sending the bogus e-mail to ensure that it retains critical elements found in the original e-mail.

Oh, I’m snitchin’!

But, honestly, do people really fall for this crap? It just seems so obvious.

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