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Health Care Reform — Myths vs. Facts

When one in three Americans say someone in their family skipped pills, postponed or cut back on needed medical care due to the cost; when countless bankruptcies are related to medical expenses; when the number of uninsured approaches 50 million; when government spending on health programs rises so rapidly that it jeopardizes other priorities; and when employers struggle to pay for the costs of health care, the fact is, we can’t afford not to fix health care. — AARP

Please read Myths Vs Facts regarding health care reform. You can also help counter the fear mongering.

Odds and Ends

Besides having Mike here, there’s really not a lot going on at my place. It’s great having him here and I wish he didn’t have to go back next week.

Work is boring, but at least I’ve managed to hold on to my job during this economic crisis. It’s pretty sad when you’re thankful for a job that doesn’t make ends meet and health insurance with a premium that’s killing you. But I admit I’m still on cloud nine over the election results, and I believe Barack Obama will deliver change we need, as promised.

The situation at my son’s school seems to have greatly improved. A few changes have been made; my son is happy and performing well academically, so I am reconsidering withdrawing him for now. I’ll post a full update on this soon.

It’s finally starting to get cold in my part of Texas. We had a cold spell a while back and then it passed. It seems to be back now and I hope it sticks around. Autumn is my favorite time of year, and it doesn’t last long enough here.

I think we’re going out for dinner tonight, but I haven’t decided where. My son suggested “someplace nice” like Whataburger or Subway. Bless his heart. Just goes to show that we’re definitely not living high on the hog. But I think we’ll go somewhere even nicer tonight because… didn’t I tell you?

It’s my birthday!

Yep! I got a visit from my husband, an excellent report card from my son and the President of my choice. What a great way to turn forty-two! Now, I’m going to celebrate it all with a nice dinner someplace and no dishes to wash afterward.

Have a great weekend! I know I will!

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Bill O’Reilly On Erectile Dysfunction

Sometimes when I’m having trouble falling asleep, I lie in bed and flip through the television channels. Reading doesn’t work for me because I become engrossed in whatever I’m reading and end up staying awake much later than I should.

Since I find most television relatively boring, I usually start to doze off after about half an hour of channel surfing. During this short time period, I inevitably come across Bill O’Reilly yakking about something or another. He seems to spend a lot of time bashing Planned Parenthood, from what I’ve seen.

Last time I stumbled across his show, he was saying that PP should have its Federal funding pulled because he doesn’t like some of the ads they run on their own websites. Apparently O’Reilly is offended by discussion of genital warts. Honestly, he seems offended to the point of hostility by any discussion relating to sex, although he seems quite… sensitive about the topic of erectile dysfunction:

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Recorded Telemarketing

If I get one more recorded telemarketing call saying that it’s time to renew my automobile warranty, I think I’m going to scream! I do not own a car!

It doesn’t matter that I listen to the recorded spiel and then dial nine (or whatever it is this time) to be removed from the calling list. They keep calling. Every goddamn day!

I also get calls about my Medicare supplemental health insurance. I’m forty-one years old! I’ve jumped through all the hoops to be taken off this list too. But they keep calling!

And I do not want a satellite dish! If a live person would actually make the call, I could tell them that. This one doesn’t even offer the option of being removed.

Then there are the newspaper subscriptions that I don’t want. Why on earth do I want a subscription to a weekly paper from BFE Idaho (I’m in Texas) or wherever? Not exactly brilliant marketing there.

The ones I hate the most are the ones that have a recorded message saying, “This is a very important call for [Lottie]. Please remain on the line for the next available agent.”

Fuck that! If it’s so important have an actual person call and ask for me. I have shit to do. It’s completely obnoxious to call my home and then expect me to wait on hold to speak to them.

And if one more Jehovah’s Witness knocks on my door while I’m trying to work (or eat, or shove bamboo shoots under my fingernails) I’m going to take the Watchtower magazine with a smile, invite them in for a cold drink and then set the damn thing on fire right before their eyes.

OK, so that wasn’t about telemarketing, but it gets on my nerves so I thought I’d toss it in there for fun.