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My son is the joy of my life. Things aren’t always perfect, by any means, but we have a deep bond and close relationship. He is rapidly growing into a young man, but even as I feel our relationship changing, I know it’s all for good. He’s growing and becoming more independent every day, and while I realize that our time is short, I am happy and proud to see him growing and developing into a happy, thoughtful, well balanced person, despite the many struggles we’ve had to endure.

Sometimes when I’m puttering around the house and my son is watching television or playing on the computer, I suddenly hear him burst out laughing. I don’t know what he’s laughing at, but just hearing it, just knowing that he is experiencing that happy moment makes me smile.

He sometimes darts past me and I ask what he’s doing. “Practicing being invisible”, he says. “Some day I’ll figure out a way to move so fast that you won’t even see me”.

He’s only half kidding, and we laugh together. He darts back the other direction and asks, “Did you see me that time?”

Occasionally, when I step out of the shower, I see a message in the steamy mirror. He wrote it in the steam after his last shower, and it remained invisible until the room steamed up again. It says, “I ♥ U Mom” with a big smiley face underneath.

He listens to music quite a bit on YouTube and has recently discovered an old song by The Impressions. He’s been singing it for the past several days and it brings joy to my heart to hear it. It lets me know that he is upbeat, happy and enjoying life.

Absolutely priceless! All of this!

I’d like to share my little buddy’s latest favorite, entitled, It’s All Right. When he watches it, he sits at the computer clapping his hands, rocking back and forth and singing along. I hope this helps brighten your Monday just as it has mine:

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Do You Remember These?

After watching a video that my friend, Gary, posted yesterday, I started feeling a little nostalgic and went hunting for some more good, old stuff to listen to. I stumbled across a few Statler Brothers YouTube videos and, boy did they take me back.

I listened to Statler Brothers a lot when I was growing up. This song was one of my favorites, even though it’s about stuff that was a little before my time. Still, it made me happy then, and it lifted my spirits today, so I wanted to share it with you.

Hope you enjoy it!

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