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Happy Birthday, Gary!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Gary Murning a very happy birthday. Gary is bright, witty and an all around great guy, not to mention a talented writer. He has been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me ever since I had the pleasure of meeting him on my husband’s blog.

I appreciate Gary very much, and would like to help him celebrate his special day with a very short video I think he will enjoy.

Happy Birthday, Gary! Thank you for everything you do to encourage others, and for creating one of the most interesting and pleasant corners of cyberspace I’ve ever visited. You always make me feel right at home!

Finding My Fictional Way

Gary, my friend and fellow blogger, recently had the idea to start a blog ring/group for writers and readers of fiction. The name of the group is Idiosyncratica, and you can find links to all the members in my menu.

Although I’m more of a reader than a writer, this has rekindled a long-neglected desire to write fiction and I have to admit, it’s somewhat frightening.

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