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Postcard Withdrawal

My favorite Postman is on vacation, so I haven’t had my daily dose of Gawd’s word in nearly a week. Postman said that regular delivery would resume on October 14th (that’s tomorrow!) and I certainly hope it does.

At least he left us with a few interesting things to read and ponder in his absence. As the parent of an eleven-year-old boy, I found this one particularly interesting and wanted to share it with my readers:

Learning From Mistakes Only Works After Age 12, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (Sep. 27, 2008) — Eight-year-old children have a radically different learning strategy from twelve-year-olds and adults. Eight-year-olds learn primarily from positive feedback (‘Well done!’), whereas negative feedback (‘Got it wrong this time’) scarcely causes any alarm bells to ring. Twelve-year-olds are better able to process negative feedback, and use it to learn from their mistakes. Adults do the same, but more efficiently.

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Regarding Alex Barton

I first learned of Alex Barton’s situation at Sugar & Sprouts Blog. Thanks sugarsprouts!

After reading this heartbreaking story about an autistic kindergarten student who was publicly humiliated by his teacher and voted out of class by his classmates, I sent the following email to the St. Lucie County School Board:

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