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Forgiveness According To David Jordan

My old pal, David Jordan (DJ) has written a lovely post on forgiveness. It might also sound like he had a heart, if I didn’t keep hearing the words “lazy class” in my head as I read it. Let me show you what I mean:

The point Jesus is making here is that those who have been forgiven of a debt they could have never payed have absolutely no right to demand ‘payment’ from others. The one who has been forgiven the unfathomable cannot demand the miniscule. Instead, he should, out of a heart of pure thankfulness, freely let go of the debts (wrongs) incurred by others.

To forgive means to release someone from a debt- the debt of your expectations.

And yet he can’t forgive people the debt of accepting public assistance because, he says, they are taking something from him. I would think a few scraps of public assistance (even if taking it is wrong) would be the “minuscule” here. By DJ’s own statement, he should forgive, and release the debt of his own expectations.

Even if people are collecting public assistance (taking from DJ) because they’re lazy, he has no right to expect apologies or repayment or anything, for that matter. After all, DJ has been forgiven the unfathomable, and out of pure thankfulness for that he should freely let go of the debt (wrongs) incurred by the people who are “taking from him” (wronging him) by accepting public assistance.

In Matthew 6, Christ shows us how to pray (The Lord’s Prayer) and in this prayer, we find the phrase, “…forgive us our debts, as we have also forgiven our debtors.” This is huge!!! We are asking God the Father to forgive us our shortcomings ACCORDING TO how we forgive others. How can we ask God for mercy if we are not showing mercy? How can we ask God for grace and not show that same grace to those who have wronged us?

Can DJ be forgiven his shortcomings when he hasn’t let go of being “wronged” by people who “take from him” by accepting public assistance? How can he expect mercy from God when he shows no mercy toward those he calls the “lazy class”? By DJ’s own statement and his own doctrine, he dare not even ask for it:

When it comes to expecting apologies, Christians don’t have a leg to stand on, for the only reason they stand at all is the imputed righteousness of Christ. All we can do is forgive and release the debt. How dare we expect apologies after such a debt has been lifted from us?

And yet he exhibits relentless bitterness toward those members of the so-called “lazy class” because he believes they are taking from him. He refuses to forgive and release them of their ‘debt’.

What can all this mean for David Jordan?

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An Apology To Miss Behaving

A couple of days ago I wrote a rather nasty post accusing Miss Behaving, author of Miss Behaving of being dishonest. Upon further examination of the situation, I now believe that I was mistaken and that I completely over-reacted.

I have since deleted the post, and Miss Behaving has graciously accepted the apology I posted in comments at her blog. Given the harshness of the things I said, however, I don’t feel as though I’ve done enough to rectify the situation. In an effort to do so, I would like to issue an apology just as publicly as I made accusation.

I was wrong about Miss Behaving, and I apologize for the things I posted about her and her blog.

The problem seems to have been the result of a technical glitch and, embarrassingly, my own impatience. I offer my sincerest apology to Miss Behaving for wrongly accusing her of dishonesty and for directing negative attention to her blog. Her blog is nice and friendly; she writes about life in Japan, family matters and her house which is currently under renovation. She could probably give you a few pointers on ordering pine plank floors.

I also owe an apology to Renaissanceronin who seems to have been another innocent party caught in the wake of my misdirected anger. I was confused about who was who, and who had written what and… Oh boy! I should have asked questions before going off half-cocked like I did.

So, I apologize to Miss Behaving and Renaissanceronin for my extremely bad behavior and for any stress it may have caused them. I am embarrassed by what I did; it seems I am the one who was misbehaving this time.

Beauty And The Brain

I recently made a post entitled Virtual Bitchslap. While I have no desire to rehash it all, I do feel that I should clarify a few things.

I’ll begin by explaining that in some instances I was merely taking the piss:

The term sometimes refers to a form of mockery in which the mocker exaggerates the other person’s characteristics; pretending to take on their attitudes, etc., in order to make them look silly.

Wikipedia – Taking the piss

Further reading for my fellow non-British readers:

[…] to take the piss is to deflate somebody, to disabuse them of their mistaken belief that they are special.

World Wide Words – Take the piss

Taking the piss doesn’t always translate well in text, so it’s no wonder that there was some question regarding my true thoughts about one thing in particular.

Regretfully, while writing Virtual Bitchslap, I became so involved in driving home a particular point to a particular person, that I neglected to make a few other necessary points.

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