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That’s the way we spell success!

Our first day of homeschooling couldn’t have been better! John was motivated and eager, and his energy was contagious. It was great to see him smiling and excited about school again.

The assignments in the outlines I have posted are quite easy. They are, for the most part, a record to show that we are meeting the minimum requirements, and then some. John’s educational experience is by no means limited to the assignments recorded on my blog. I could not possibly record every learning experience that he and I share together.

Math has been quite intense for John this year. Not only had it become more difficult, as would be expected, but his math teacher was extremely critical and demanding. She describes herself as “passionate” and claims that her methods motivate students. I describe her as obnoxious, and her methods did nothing but discourage my son and make him feel bad about himself.

What she calls “motivating”, I call humiliating and belittling.

In an effort to help restore John’s confidence, I have decided to back up a bit in the math department. Right now we are reviewing material that he is familiar with, and we’ll gradually progress to more challenging work. My hope is that this will remind him of just how much he does know, and help relieve some of his anxiety over math. It will also give me an opportunity to find out, first hand, what he knows and where he gets stuck. This way, I can have a better idea of how to help him improve.

I had fully expected a call from the school today but didn’t receive one. The letter of withdrawal should be the end of it. I guess I’ll find out in the next week or so if that’s going to be the case. I certainly don’t want a fight, but I’m prepared for one. Hopefully, it will end with the letter and we can continue with the business of homeschooling without unnecessary distractions.

You know I’ll keep you posted!

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Xanax Please?

My nerves are totally shot!

We went to my son’s school tonight (by the time this goes up it’ll have tomorrow’s date, but whatever) for a mandatory [Mascot] “camp”.

And let me stop right there to ask: Since when is a two hour meeting and campus tour defined as a “camp”? It seems like everything kids do at school these days outside school hours is called “camp”. When I was a kid and someone said “camp”, it meant I’d better take my sleeping bag and some insect repellent.

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A Few Clarifications

There appears to be some confusion about the intent of my recent post, Victims Wanted, and I would like to try and clarify a few things.

First I would like to call your attention to the opening paragraph:

[…] in pondering the unrelenting claim by Feministe bloggers and readers that asking why victims and survivors of domestic violence stay is always victim-blaming, a few other why? questions occurred to me and I had to get them out of my head and on the page:

You see, Victims Wanted is really just a brainstorm that I wrote in a state of bewilderment over the unwillingness of certain feminists to even consider a perspective that doesn’t line up with most everyone else’s. But it seems the questions that were spinning around in my head that day have been mistaken for assertions and/or conclusions. So I would like to try and make a few clarifications:

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Bits and Bobs

Work is still going well. I’m not sure why, but my bosses seem to think the sun shines out of my arse. Every week when I’m getting ready to leave for the office to turn in work and generally make an appearance, I start to feel anxious like something terrible is going to happen. I know this is completely irrational; everything always goes very well. They always tell me what a wonderful job I’m doing, thank me profusely as if I’m doing them some kind of huge favor, and then hand me a paycheck. I wonder if I’ll ever get over the anxiety.

That reminds me of something else I’m planning to blog about soon:

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That’s Just Crazy!

In Fighting Ableist Language, Jill of Feministe makes the following statement:

I often use words like “crazy,” “insane,” and “nutbag” to describe people whose views I think I bizarre, illogical or bigoted. But as Tekanji points out, words mean things. And while words like “crazy” are pretty steeped in my vocabulary, it really isn’t all that hard to make an effort to purge them. Consider this Step 1.

Well, that’s just crazy! But I don’t mean Jill. I’m talking about the notion that we can’t say “crazy” anymore without offending someone we weren’t even talking about. It’s insane!

Look, I don’t usually set out to offend people, but my life does not revolve around avoiding it either. Sure, there are certain sensitive situations, “a time and a place”, etc. I care about other people’s feelings and take them into account whenever possible. But when I look at the Bush Administration, for instance, I think “crazy”, and that’s what I’m going to call it. When I heard McCain say that he would keep troops in Iraq for a hundred years, I thought “insane”. And it is. And that’s what I’m going to call it.

In response to someone who suggested that not being offended by the use of these words is possibly a result of privilege (i.e. never having been affected by mental illness) I posted the following comment on Feministe. It sums up my thoughts on the subject quite nicely.

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