Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

Today is my little boy’s 12th birthday. I don’t know where all the time has gone, but he is certainly growing up fast.

We celebrated yesterday and everyone had a great time. We gave him his gifts in the morning so he would have the day to enjoy them. In the afternoon, we had a party at a nearby bowling alley. There was pizza and pop, cake and ice cream. Everyone bowled and the kids played video games afterward.

We’re going out to dinner tonight since today is actually his birthday. In the mean time, I wanted to post something special for my son who is growing into a fine young man and making me a proud momma.

Happy birthday, Sweetie. You are the sunshine of my life and I love you very much!

5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

  • saintpaulgrrl

    I’m so glad that we could be part of the celebration this year, my dear sister. It’s an honor to see your precious son grow up into a fine young man! 🙂

  • Lottie

    Thank you, sis. Being here with you has made a world of difference to us both. ((hugs))

  • Terra

    🙂 Happy Birthday wishing heading his way… As cliche as it sounds, they really do grow to fast…

  • Lottie

    Thank you, Terra! We had a great time the past couple of days, what with the birthday party on Sunday and special birthday dinner yesterday. He’s also expecting a package today from Mike, so he’s really living it up! LOL

    I’ll send him your birthday wishes too. Thanks again!

  • B.T. Murtagh

    Aw! I’m sorry I missed it, but a belated happy birthday to the kid!

    Eamon Sky will be turning twelve this November – it’s just such a cool age!

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