Portland, Oregon

Mike and I have always planned to move out of Texas. We thought we would be doing it together, but in light of recent developments, we have agreed that now is definitely the time to go.

We’ve discussed this at length and considered several different places, but the conversation always comes back around to Portland, Oregon.

Although it rains a lot, the temperatures aren’t too severe, and the scenery is nice. They have good public transportation, and Portland is pedestrian and bicycle-friendly.

The public school system has got to be better than it is in Texas, although I realize that’s not saying much.

Portland is also full of lefties like us, and Oregon has the fourth largest percentage of people identifying themselves as “non-religious” in the United States. Mike was excited to learn that, with twenty-eight breweries within the city, Portland is home to more breweries than any other city in the country.

They do love their beer!

I’m not going to judge the economy one way or another because it’s broken everywhere, although it seems slightly less broken in Portland, from what I’ve been reading.

I’ve been looking into housing and it seems to be quite common for people in Portland to rent space in their homes. I’ve already found tons of ads for people renting as little as one bedroom, to those who have converted their basements into efficiency apartments.

I think this kind of arrangement might work for us because we’ll have to travel light and leave a lot behind (kitchen items, bedding, etc.) With this kind of arrangement, we could move into a fully equipped home, so we wouldn’t have to exhaust our resources right away, buying furniture and other essentials. I could get my son enrolled in school, and start looking for work right away without worrying about having a pot to cook in.

Plus, we could be around other people. I’ve found several ads placed by single moms who want to share their homes with another single parent. A few of them have boys around my son’s age. Since I’m not planning to leave until the end of February (I want to give my landlord sufficient notice) I have plenty of time to start corresponding with people and try to get a feel for things.

Of course, any sort of house share would be temporary, but I think it might be a good place to start.

I’ll start putting out feelers there, as well as updating my résumé. I suppose it can’t hurt to start sending it out now.

I’m definitely open to suggestions and advice; this is going to be quite an adventure and I’ll take all the help I can get.

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13 responses to “Portland, Oregon

  • girldujour

    I have relatives in the area. What sort of rent were you planning on paying? I can ask if they have any vacancies.

  • Obi-Mom Kenobi

    That certainly will be an adventure! I hope all goes smoothly and well.

  • saintpaulgrrl

    I’ll send all the good vibes I can that this relocation proceeds with as few bumps as possible. Definitely start applying for jobs as soon as you can. Folks are willing to do telephone interviews these days, and you might connect with something.

  • j

    I moved from Austin TX and have lived in Portland now for 3 years and I love love love it.
    However, this is a REALLY difficult place to find a job — unemployment is 9% while the rest of the US is around 7%. And many of the people are what I’d call “underemployed” — they only hold part-time jobs when they’d like to be full time, or are underpaid compared to colleagues from other places.
    I also know of several people who followed their employed spouses here and it took a LONG time for them for find work — some took over 1 year (and this is when the economy was doing well).
    Plus, the housing market is still way overinflated (compared to Austin) and although the prices are dropping, it’s still more than we can afford.
    Now, all that being said, I LOVE it here. If you can handle the rain in the winter, there’s no other place like it in the US. I moved here by accident (a friend recruited me for a job, and I said, sure why not??) and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.
    Good luck to you!!
    The public school system, in Portland proper, is apparently not that great. However, many suburbs are superb. But who the heck wants to live in the ‘burbs?!

  • Selena

    LUCKY GIRL!I Have only seen pictures, but hear great things about Oregon. I’ve always wanted to visit Astoria, you know The Goonies and all!Your little Christian friend is going to be praying that you find a good job and a housing there. 🙂

  • Lottie

    Girl: I appreciate it, but there’s been another change in plans. I’ll write about it soon.

    Obi-Mom: Thank you. Things seem to be smoothing out already. More on that later.

    Bonnie: Thank you for everything. You’ve definitely sent more than good vibes.

    J: Thank you for all the information. I’m glad you’re enjoying Portland. Our plans have changed, but I’d still like to at least visit there one of these days.

    Selena: Ha! I had forgotten about The Goonies being set in Astonia. And thank you, my “little Christian friend”(that was cute).

  • dam

    Wow. It’s kind of exciting. Before I moved to Austin, I almost moved to Portland (Intel). They have a beautiful downtown! I didn’t not know they were so “non-religious”! That’s a great idea to live with a single mom right now, especially if she has a child your son’s age. This way, he has a friend already when he starts school.

    Wasn’t Portland ranked as one of the top places to live? I don’t know of any areas in the country where jobs would be easy to come by right now…

  • Terra

    My sweetheart tells me in his most sensitive voice, that you need to move in with your sweetheart… He says going out of country can be fun… I know so helpful…

  • Lottie

    Dam: I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t doubt that it’s ranked one of the top places to live.
    Our plans have changed, though, and I’ll be writing about that as soon as I can get a minute to catch my breath.

    I’d go in a heartbeat, if only it were that easy. I can’t move my son out of the country without consent from his abusive “sperm donor” which I would never get. Not because he has the slightest interest in being a parent, either. But that’s a post for another day.

    Thanks for the suggestion, though. Mike and I have fumed over it quite a bit, as I’m sure you can imagine.

  • Terra

    That really, really is horrible… I understand those issues of sperm donors all to well… Heaven has one of those that hasn’t been helpful at all…

  • efilyzarcym

    I know I haven’t commented a lot – – but, I do read every post you have!! For whatever reason, I have hit a “down spot” when it comes to on-line stuff. UGH!! It seems like my desire to blog/comment happens in Ebbs and Flows.
    You are in my thoughts and I look forward to hearing what you have come up with!!! 🙂

  • Lottie


    Yeah, it really sucks. Sorry you have to deal with it too. Our kids deserve a lot better.

    Thanks for your concern. You’re a sweetie!

  • Lottie

    Thank you, Heidi. That means a lot to me.

    I know what you mean about the ebbs and flows. I’ve been in a sort of down spot as far as blogging too.

    I’ll post about our plans soon. Thanks so much for your interest and caring. ((hugs))

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