Things Can Only Get Better

About three hours ago, I received a call from my employer. They laid off three hundred employees today, and I was one of them. I will receive a layoff package that will pay the bills for about a month, but I’ve lost my health, dental and life insurance.

I’m not exactly sure how to proceed from here. I’m still a bit disoriented and even frightened, but this could actually be the window of opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve wanted to leave Texas for a long time, and the two major ties were my job and my son’s school. Now that we’re homeschooling and I’m unemployed, there’s really nothing keeping us here. I’m thinking about pulling up stakes and getting the hell out of here, once and for all.

I’m not sure where I want to go, but I want at least one state between us and Texas. I don’t even want to live on its border. Guess that rules out New Mexico.

I think the saddest part, and perhaps the biggest blow, is the fact that this is going to further delay Mike’s immigration. He and I agreed that this isn’t exactly the time to be forking over a large sum of money to an immigration attorney. Having a spousal visa won’t do much good if there’s no home for him to come to here. Besides, I need to be working in order to sponsor him.


This came to mind a few minutes after I hung up the phone with Mike:

And do you feel scared — I do
But I won’t stop and falter
And if we threw it all away
Things can only get better
— Howard Jones


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11 responses to “Things Can Only Get Better

  • waltzinexile

    Oh, Lottie. I’m so sorry. But I think you have the right attitude about this: things CAN only get better. I got laid off once because of a re-org, and if I hadn’t been laid off the day I was, and gone straight home to send out resumes, I’d have missed out on the best job I ever had (the day I got laid off was the last day the job posting was up.)
    We’ll send out good vibes from Exile 🙂

  • saintpaulgrrl

    I know that scared feeling well. Dale and I had been married less than two years when he got laid off from his first job out of college. This was during the recession of 1975. I was in school and not employed. We had no savings. Like you, he received enough of a severance package to see us through about a month. But a job offer came up. Not in the ideal location, but that in itself got us moving in the right direction.

    The pieces will come together. If you need to kick around some ideas — or just talk or write about something altogether different — I’m here, and I care.


  • B.T. Murtagh

    You’re approaching this with the right attitude Lottie. As is so often pointed out, the Chinese ideogram for ‘crisis’ is a joininging of the ‘danger’ and ‘opportunity’ ideograms.

    (Less frequently mentioned is that the ideogram for ‘Coca-Cola’ means ‘bite the wax tadpole’ – which is totally irrelevant but terribly funny).

    Much as I’d like to meet you, DON’T head for South Carolina – I can only suggest for your own peace of mind that you head rapidly in the opposite direction. I can’t count the nuber of times I’ve thought “I’m on the wrong coast! Or at least too far down on this one.”

    In your shoes I’d be California-bound – the only state socially progressive enough that it’s even possible to elect an ‘out’ atheist to Congress (Pete Stark, Democrat from the San Francisco area).

    Of course they’re ranked fairly low as a state for K-12 public schools (odd, that, given the stellar quality of Californian colleges), so if you weren’t planning to keep on with the homeschooling that might be a problem. Jobs where you can work from home have got to be hard to come by.

    Wherever you choose to go, my best wishes go with you.

  • efilyzarcym

    I am SO sorry to hear that.
    Just a suggestion: I live in a small town in Kansas – – the cost of living is fairly low and jobs are still available. It meets your one-state-between criteria AND homeschool rules in KS ROCK!!!
    Let me know if you need anything!!

  • Gary Murning

    I’m so sorry to read this, Lottie 😦 But as others have said, you definitely have the right attitude. That doesn’t make it any easier, though — especially when you’re wanting to get Mike over there with you as quickly as possible. But there is definitely an opportunity there — to put down solid roots in a place where you feel more at home and, ultimately, finally bring your family together on a permanent basis.

    Keep strong xxx

  • Lottie

    I want to thank all of you for your kind and encouraging comments. It meant a lot to me to log in and find all this here. I’ll be posting updates and brainstorms over the next few weeks and I would appreciate any feedback and/or advice you would like to offer.

    I think I’ve decided where to go, but I’ll save the details for the post I’m about to write.

    Thank you, everyone! Your support and encouragement helps more than you may realize.

  • Terra

    I am not sure what to say… I just don’t have the words, but know that I care and good thoughts are going your way…

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  • Lottie

    Thank you, Terra. That means a lot to me.

  • girldujour

    I don’t know what your line of work is, but the health care industry is hiring as are (drumroll… ) collection agencies.

    What line of work are you in? Or perhaps more important, what line of work do you WANT to be in?

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