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7 responses to “Brought To You By Funnyville

  • goodbadandugly2

    THAT just made my day! Thank you!

  • Lottie

    Otto Mann: I’d tell you but then I’d have to bite kill you.

    Good: Then I’m paying it forward because someone else made my day this morning. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • sandysays1

    Looks like my step sisters. One spys on me all the time and gets me in trouble with my human. I’ll put finding out which one on a to do list. Ever use to do lists? Visit me at for a sure fire way to be sure those to do lists get used.

  • Terra

    That is a cute one…

    I hesitate to say anything and of course you are more than welcome to edit this out (but I want you to hear it), after all you did make it so comments can’t be put on the post. However, I completely understand your feelings on once bitten. I have been there as well. Although, I might seem to be the same way at some points (as I am not good with articulating my thoughts or good with relationships.) Anyway, the point is I care and hope that you do not have that type of experience again…

  • Lottie

    Thank you Terra. I appreciate that. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience it too. It can be quite disconcerting.

    You articulate your thoughts just fine. You have a very real, down-to-earth quality that puts people at ease.

    As for the photo, the “spy” didn’t register to me right at first. He’s well camouflaged under all that fur.

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