Contact Me: Please Try Again

Dear Readers,

If you have recently tried contacting me through my Contact Me page, please try again. The last four emails were deleted before I saw them.

I use a Spamgourmet email address for my WordPress account. All messages sent through my Contact Me page go through that address. It’s a disposable address which forwards a limited number of emails to my main email account. After the limit is reached, Spamgourmet starts deleting them.

I have it set to alert me when I run out. In fact, each time I receive an email through Spamgourmet, it tells me exactly how many I have left. I can update it at any time to make sure I never run out, but I dropped the ball after the last one this time.

I just checked my Spamgourmet account and it says that my last four messages were deleted. I have reset it and messages will now be forwarded to me again.

If you have tried contacting me since November 17th, or if you used my contact form and didn’t receive a reply, please try again. I am interested in hearing from you and always do my best to reply in a timely manner.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and will see to it that this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you for reading along and for all your feedback.


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