Recurring Dreams

I have two recurring dreams. Or, to be more precise, two different dreams with a recurring theme. I’ve been having them for close to two decades. I wonder why that is.

I don’t believe all the woo about my inner self talking to my outer self, etc. I’m not big on dream interpretation either, because everything I’ve read about it tries to convert specific things into specific meanings for everyone, and I don’t think that’s possible. We don’t all enjoy or fear the same things, for instance, so how can my dreams mean the same thing for everyone? That’s not to say, of course, that dream interpretation can’t be fun!

Anyway, I’m just writing about this because I feel like it. Not because I think it means anything, although I do find it interesting.

In one of the dreams, I’m drowning and frantic, I can’t make my way to the surface, although I never know why. There never seems to be anyone else there; no one holding me under, nothing weighting me down: I’m just fighting with the water, which is always perfectly clear or pale blue like water reflecting the blue paint in a swimming pool. I struggle for several minutes until my lungs feel like they’ll explode if they don’t get air.

Finally, I make the conscious decision to just breathe. I’m scared because I know it will likely be the death of me, so I inhale slowly through my mouth and nose simultaneously. The water doesn’t kill me. It doesn’t even knock me out. I can breathe under water! Sometimes I start swimming and find that I love it under there, where ever “there” is. Most of the time, though, I wake up with a gasp and my heart racing, the way it might if I had actually experienced a similar ordeal.

The other dream is less detailed. I’m walking along someplace when suddenly I see money on the ground. It might be a twenty, a fifty or a hundred. I bend down to pick it up and notice another a few feet away. I step over to get the second bill and notice several others. I start gathering them and shoving them into my pockets, but the more money I gather, the more I notice laying on the ground.

Suddenly, I’m stuffing wads of cash into a bag which is usually about the size of a regular kitchen trash bag. I don’t know where the bag comes from, but I never wonder in the dream. I just keep stuffing and stuffing twenties, fifties, hundreds. They keep multiplying before my eyes and I soon realize that I’ll never be able to fit them all into the bag. I decide to keep filling the bag until it reaches full capacity which it never does.

The dream ends or I wake up disappointed.

I have one or both of these dreams about three or four times per month. Weird, huh?

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11 responses to “Recurring Dreams

  • Selena

    I know what you mean about general archetypes not applying to individuals since different images mean something differently to everyone.

    I gotta go, but I am coming back when I can have a better comment on this. I LOVE DREAM STUFF!!

  • saintpaulgrrl

    Yes, it is interesting why our brains dream what they do. I’ve had the “telephone dreams” off and on my whole life — trying to call someone on the phone, usually an important phone call, only to have the buttons in the wrong place, constantly changing places, falling off the phone, or some other weird thing that makes completing the call impossible. Now, what does THAT mean?

  • Lottie

    Selena: I’ve seen you post about dreams before and wondered if this would interest you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these two dreams. I definitely enjoy talking about the stuff.

    Bonnie: That’s a strange one too. Maybe Selena will share her thoughts on your dream as well. I’ll look forward to it.

  • Postman

    If I may channel a caricature of Freud fir a moment…

    How long haf you hated your muzzer?

    As far as dreams being strange and not having any discernable meaning, I’m with you. I had one for years as a kid about a bunch of balls rolling across a desert landscape that terrorized me.
    One day I came across my sister watching Sesame Street and there was a bit with clay balls rolling around in the sand and stacking themselves into numbers. I never had the dream after that.

    So, all my boring blah, blah, blah to say that your dreams obviously mean that you hate money and wish to move to the Galapagos Islands.

    If anyone else wants a dead-on reading like that, I charge $20 a pop.

  • Lottie

    I remember that from Sesame Street. I always found it fascinating for some reason.

    Thanks for the freebie! I’ll probably never wake up gasping or disappointed again.

    Hmm… I wonder what our mutual Friend would think of all this.

  • girldujour

    This doesn’t have anything to do with dreams, rather nightmares. Definitely worth sharing:

  • Terra

    I have like 600 private posts on my reoccurring dreams, or rather nightmares. One major one is actually about WW3?!?! It actually starts much like your dream up there Lottie, but I just FEEL like I am drowning while I am sitting listening to the news. (I was in my car, on my way to a store when I learned about the twin towers… Well the first one.) I remember sucking in my breath and feeling like I couldn’t breath, I had to pull over.

    Well that dream is just like that only I am there at home. I don’t ever get to the breathing part, (or if I do then I don’t remember the dream) I wake up frantic… No need for anyone to tell me what it means, I read way to much German, Chinese, and other countries news sources… I know what they have really felt about us the last 4 years.

    Good luck getting over those ones 🙂

  • Lottie

    That sounds like a really scary one, Terra. I don’t mind the money dream so much. It’s annoying, but that’s about it. The drowning dream is quite scary, though, as I’m sure you can imagine.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if, after posting this, I never had the dreams again? I’d better not tell any good ones, just in case.
    . 😉

  • Terra

    Don’t risk those good ones 😀 Nope don’t do it…

  • Selena

    It seems like from your water dream, that you know that you have really overcome A LOT of obstacles and you are very strong mentally to adapt and go on with your life.

    Now, the money one in the trash bags, WTF?!?! Give me the money, don’t bag it!!

    Sorry for any misspelled words, I’m on a tiny laptop.

  • Lottie

    That’s interesting because I really have overcome a lot of obstacles, and I feel that I can overcome more.

    I’m just stuffing the money into bags so I can haul it home and hide in under the mattress. I ain’t trashin’ it! LOL

    But if that ever happens, I’ll share… 😀

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