Hey There Obama

This young man wrote a song for Barack Obama and then got a detention for singing it in class. Now, granted, he probably shouldn’t have been singing anything in class, but I can’t help admiring his initiative.

This is part of the comment which accompanies his video:

YOUTUBE MISSION: send the link to all of your friends!!! I got a detention for singing this song in class so i need your help. I want to meet obama so he can sign my detention slip the more people you send it to the more likely it will get back to barack. thsnk 4 your help. Enjoy!!

He allows embedding, so I’ll go ahead and post the video here along with a link to it.

You should also check out The Chaz Show! I fully expect to see this kid on television someday. But please tell me that’s apple juice in his glass!

Anyway, here’s what caused the hoopla:

Hey There Obama, by Chaz

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