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Alan Shore On Scientology

So, basically, every time you piss puke or crap, you’re a step closer to immortality. — Alan Shore

Yesterday I posted a clip from one of Mike’s favorite television dramas. Today I’m posting a clip from one of my favorites. I absolutely love Boston Legal. It’s daring and edgy; suspenseful but funny. I hardly ever get to watch it, but that just makes it all the more satisfying when I do.

I admit to having a bit of a celebrity crush on Alan Shore, although I don’t know if that’s technically what I should call it, seeing as Alan is the character and James Spader is the actual celebrity. But Alan is the one who keeps me on the edge of my seat. He’s so justifiably arrogant and smug.

Now you may be wondering how my darling husband feels about all this. I assure you he’s perfectly fine with it; I wouldn’t be writing this, otherwise. Mike knows that, while I may fantasize about being Alan Shore’s secretary, he (Mike) is the man in and of my dreams, and the keeper of my heart.

OK, now shhhh…. Let’s watch Alan perform. No, really, I insist. If you’re not completely satisfied… well, I will be so who cares? ::wink::

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