Daily Archives: November 21, 2008

Attention Please

Several months ago, a gang of Jerry Springer guests got lost on their way to the show and somehow ended up here. I know this because I got a buttload of shrieking comments telling me how much I suck and threatening to kick my ass, throwing chairs around, snarling and spitting… You know the type.

Anyway, as a result of that I started moderating all comments and posted this comments policy.

Since it’s been a while and things seem to have settled down considerably, I’ve decided to open comments back up and see how it goes. I’ll set it so that after you have one approved comment, your subsequent comments will post immediately.

The main reason I want to try this is because of regular contributors whose comments end up stuck in moderation for hours at a time and occasionally overnight. While I love checking in and finding comments waiting, I also hate finding out that they’ve been stuck down the comment well for ages. This will also allow you guys to discuss things amongst yourselves in my absence. Ain’t that all cozy and stuff?

Thanks to everyone who contributes here and to those who read along but don’t comment. Now, don’t start talkin’ smak and make me regret this new policy or I’ll have to go all Jerry Springer on your ass!

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