Evil Little Atheist

When I saw this, I thought it was simultaneously sad and funny. It would be great if I could live to see the day that people didn’t “get” it.

Courtesy of Bill Mutranowski

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  • truthwalker

    About 2 years ago when I was still a doubting Christian, I remember telling (at that time) one of my closest friend about my doubts. I loved her a lot. We were what Pentecostals call “Spirit siblings”, ie intensely intimate but platonic male/female friends and my wife’s best friend. She started just tearing into me. I started crying and said “You love the lost people you work with, you try to show them the love of Christ everyday. Why so much love the lost you don’t know and so much hate for me? I’m just as lost! I don’t want to lose your friendship.”

    She said that atheists are more lost, because all other religious people are searching for God, and took a false turn; I had stopped searching and turned my back in rebellion, I had stopped struggling against Satan and accepted him as I should have accepted Christ. I was no longer a good man, struggling against evil, or even a evil man struggling to be good, but empty vessel for evil. She could still be my impersonal friend, in the hopes that I could repent, but no longer trusted me not to mislead her, or even refrain from raping her.

    Like the cartoon, I was the devil. Telling my sincere doubts to someone I loved and trusted and getting the devil thing was incredibly painful. Especially the rape thing. She had lived off and on with us since she was 19 and been a nearly a co-mother to our daughter, who called her Auntie.

    If I had ever wanted to abuse the trust she had in me, I’d had thousands of chances, but never taken any of them because of my love and respect for her and my family.

    But the moment I said that I wasn’t sure if God was there or not, I went from being the big brother that God had given her to being a man who would rape his own sister.

    Even though I don’t believe in Satan, still hurts to be told by someone I care about that I belong to him. 😦

  • Lottie

    That’s really terrible and I’m sorry you went through that. I can relate to the rejection, but not on such a deep and personal level from people I had been so close to for so long. I can only imagine how painful that must have been for you.

    Thank you for sharing this story here.

  • Terra

    I didn’t “get” the cartoon until I read what truthwalker said… To not believe in god is to be equated with being a devil? Sad, so very sad…

    However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?

  • evilpoet

    Oddly enough, when someone asked me what I was going to be for Halloween this year I said I didn’t need to wear a costume. When they asked why I said in a country where a good portion of the population are believers being an atheist is about the scariest thing you could be. They chuckled uncomfortably and then changed the subject.

  • Lottie

    Terra: Oh yes. “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” sort of thing.

    evilpoet: No mask required! 😆

  • Selena

    “We were what Pentecostals call “Spirit siblings”’

    Truthwalker, you sound like you had a similar upbringing as my husband. How he still belives in God is beyond me.

    Jesus Christ Himself, on the cross asked Why. Why have you forsaken me? It was his human side. There is nothing wrong with asking why and being angry, etc. If another believer wants to tell you it’s wrong to question God, ask them why did Jesus do it. David the pslamist asked “why” many a times and he is referred to the “man after God’s heart.” And he doubted. There is nothing wrong or evil with asking questions, questioning the bible, etc. I’m sorry that you guys have had to deal with people like this.

  • thehun

    Ha! How funny I saw that cartoon today, so true, so true.

    @ truthwalker
    “or even refrain from raping her. ”

    Jimmeny Crickets! That’s insane man! Really? “Raping”?! Man, I’m sorry to hear it, that’s harsh.

    @ Terra – Double thumbs up for the awesome Budda quote. I’d have given you triple or even quadrupole thumbs, but alas… I have only evolved to give you two (or perhaps I’m being oppressed by an intelligent designer… an intelligent oppressor??? 😛 )

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