What A Wonderful World

I jumped up and down and screamed last night, spilling champagne down the front of my clothes, and not caring one bit. I cried tears of joy and then slept like a baby. There’s a spring in my step this morning and a smile on my face. I feel a sense of relief and hope, and I’m no longer afraid.

I will write more later about what this victory means to me and what I think it means for the U.S. and the world. But right now, I just want to enjoy and savor the moment.

I found myself humming this song a little while ago, and thought it would be a great way to start a beautiful day like this.

Welcome President Barack Obama! For the first time in eight years, I can say, “That’s my President!”

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6 responses to “What A Wonderful World

  • thehun

    It’s a great day isn’t it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I don’t think I realized how incredible and great this would feel. Probably because every time I was hopeful for an Obama victory, I stuffed that feeling down and expected the worst.

    And on top of it all we won by a massive landslide. We picked up 5 Senate seats (thus far) putting us 4 votes away from a filibuster proof senate. Included in that senate gain, was the defeat of right wing hate manger Libby Dole. We increased our already significant lead in the house. And the Obama kids are getting a puppy.

    The only thing taking some of the wind out of my sails is what looks like the passage of Prop 8 in Cali. Why California?! WHY?!

    Aaaaaaaaaaanywho… thanks for having a fantastic blog, it’s great to share the jubilation with decent, like minded, sensible folk.

    Dude… did I just use “jubilation” in a sentence?

    YES I DID!

  • Lottie

    Good grief, I know! I was really disappointed about Prop 8 too! What a kick in the gut, huh? I want to believe that it’s a temporary set back and that times will be changing for the better, though.

    Thanks for the nice feedback about my blog. I’m really glad you’re enjoying it. It’s always good to hear from you as well.

    Dudeโ€ฆ did I just use โ€œjubilationโ€ in a sentence?

    YES I DID!

    And yes you can! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • saintpaulgrrl

    It feels good to use jubilation in a sentence and really mean it, doesn’t it?

    Yes it does! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Lottie

    I think I have a new favorite word.

    Yes I do! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • B.T. Murtagh

    Let me add to the jubilation: my friends at the ACLU tell me that Prop. 8 is very likely to be defeated in the courts.

    The California Supreme Court already declared the right to marry fundamental to all citizens under the California Constitution, and such rights cannot be changed by ballot initiative in California; a Constitutional Convention or a supermajority in the Legislature is required.

    So it’s only a temporary setback, to a very high probability. It still sucks that there’s any kind of setback, and definitely sucks that there are so many bigots even in California, but look on the bright side; that’s 25 million or so dollars that the Moron Church won’t get back.

  • Lottie

    That’s great news, B.T. Thanks for the information.

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