Sarah Palin: A Victory For Women?

I’ve come across quite a few people lately, mostly self-proclaimed feminists, who say that even if we don’t agree with Sarah Palin’s politics, women should be proud to see another woman running for Vice President because this is a victory for women.

Is it really, though ?

Sarah Palin has been used and exploited by the McCain campaign. She is embarrassingly unqualified for the position of VP, but we won’t let that stand in our way; let’s just dress her up like a $150,000 Barbie doll and get her to smile and wink for the camera. Oh, and make sure she keeps her mouth shut unless she’s being told exactly what to say or can divert it to hockey and mooses.

In other words, “You don’t have to know anything, Sugar, just be a good girl and smile for the camera like you’re told.”

Can someone please explain to me how that is a victory for women? Because it looks to me like the exact same kind of degrading treatment that women, and especially feminists, have been trying to overcome for generations. I would think that feminists, of all people, would be outraged by this, rather than supporting it.

If we settle for this and call it a victory, we haven’t come nearly as far as I thought we had.

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5 responses to “Sarah Palin: A Victory For Women?

  • B.T. Murtagh

    Being elected as Governor was a significant achievement which feminists could legitimately acclaim; being selected as Vice President was not, IMO, since it was a single man making the choice rather than something she achieved under her own steam. The latter proves nothing about the abilities of women, nor about the acceptance by the public of those abilities.

    The ability of women to discharge the duties of high office has been proven repeatedly – there have been and are female heads of state in several major nations. Hillary Clinton proved that a woman President is something the US public can finally accept, even if she didn’t quite achieve it this time around.

    I’m now pretty confident that I will see at least one woman President in my lifetime. I’d really prefer to see it be one who genuinely earned it, and I don’t think Palin has done that. Maybe she will later on (stranger things have happened) but as of now all she did was luck into being a deperation pick for the #2 spot on what is almost certainly the losing ticket.

  • Lottie

    Excellent comment! You said it all so well, I can’t think of a thing to add. Well, except that it totally outshines my post!

    . 😆

    Thanks for commenting!

  • thehun

    1. I highly doubt those same “feminists” were pro-Hilary. But lets say they were pro-Hilary. Considering that Palin’s views and policies (such as they are) are the polar opposite of Hilary’s; we can only conclude that the only reason these “feminists” are for Palin is because she is a woman.

    2. I don’t have a whole lot of money, but I’m willing to throw down just about everything I have and say that the majority of these pro McCain/Palin “feminists” will say that Colin Powell and “the blacks” are voting for Obama because he is black. (which is not only untrue, but creates an obvious disconnect in their “logic”)

    I’ve seen the right wing forwards, I’ve seen the racist McCain supporters on the YouTube videos.

    This is a very safe bet.

  • saintpaulgrrl

    I agree that Mrs. Palin did not earn the VP nomination in the same way that she did her position as Governor of Alaska. She was asked to run with McCain who had not even personally met her prior to considering her as VP candidate. She was asked for strategic reasons that have nothing to do with her competency to be Vice President. As such, she has been a pawn in this game, a maneuver that should not make feminists proud. Quite the contrary!

  • Lottie

    thehun: Thanks for commenting again. I haven’t heard from any of the same people on the Colin Powell endorsement, but if that is their position, it would certainly indicate a disconnect in logic, as you said.

    Bonnie: Exactly! A pawn in the game. That sums it right up. And it’s certainly nothing to be proud of.

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