Popularity Contest 2008?

Colin Powell did not betray his friendship with John McCain!

All over the internet, people are saying that Colin Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama is a betrayal of his friendship with John McCain. Are these people serious? Or perhaps a better question would be: are these people adults?

Every time I come across someone making this juvenile claim, this is how it translates in my mind: OMG! He’s not voting for his BFF?! That is just, like, so totally not cool! OMG!

Grow the hell up, people! This is not a high school popularity contest, for crying out loud! This is one of the most critical Presidential elections in the recent history of the United States.

We are in extreme financial crisis and in the middle of a war that seems to have no definite end in sight. And that’s just for starters, as if that weren’t enough.

Colin Powell explained thoroughly and eloquently why he is voting for Barack Obama, and it’s certainly not part of a childish hissy fit like some people are having in response to his endorsement.

There are plenty of people I could enjoy having a beer with, both in politics and outside of it. That does not qualify any of them to be President of the United States. If you ask me, the adolescent mentality of voting for someone you might like, OMG!, rilly rilly enjoy hanging out with down at the mall is indicative of someone with a very loose and shaky grip on reality or the emotional maturity of a pre-teen.

Those who criticize Powell for not supporting his BFF OMG shine a spotlight on their own ignorance! They expose how shallow, uninformed and immature they are. They reveal their inability to think critically about the more serious issues, or to even comprehend that there are more serious things at stake. They exhibit a complete lack of understanding regarding the Presidency and the responsibility of voting.

Besides, shouldn’t John McCain and his supporters be praising Colin Powell for reaching across the aisle and stepping across party lines — for being a maverick? Or is that just a bunch of talk that flies out the window the minute it doesn’t work out for them?

If history is an indicator, I’m guessing the latter.

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4 responses to “Popularity Contest 2008?

  • Postman

    My bff, Rush Limbaugh, tells me it’s all to do with the Vast Black-Wing Conspiracy. The reason Powell keeps making silly claims about the better man for the job and other crazy ideas is down to Rule #1.

    1) The first rule of the Vast Back-Wing Conspiracy is, you do not talk about the vast Black-Wing Conspiracy.

  • Lottie

    I heard a clip of Limbaugh going on about that. Crazy, isn’t it?

    I forget the guy’s name (damn it) but he pointed out that if it was about race, surely Powell would have endorsed Obama a long time ago. It’s not like either of them just turned black last week.

    Of course, then they’ll just say that it’s all part of a conspiracy to cover up the conspiracy.

    . 😆

  • Postman

    Now you’re getting it. Now you’re beginning to understand.

    It wouldn’t be a Vast Conspiracy if you could tell it was a Vast Conspiracy. So, the fact that Powell took so long to decide is proof that he is involved in said Vast Conspiracy. Sheesh! Wake up, America.

  • Lottie

    Good thing I have Gawd’s Postman to show me the way.

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