Obama’s Potentate Flag

This is absolutely priceless!

Bob Grant, the so-called King of Talk Radio, wins the prize for making the all-time stupidest comment about Barack Obama:

[D]id you notice Obama is not content with just having several American flags, plain old American flags with the 50 states represented by 50 stars? He has the ‘O’ flag. And that’s what that ‘O’ is. That’s what that ‘O’ is. Just like he did with the plane he was using. He had the flag painted over, and the ‘O’ for Obama. Now, these are symptom — these things are symptomatic of a person who would like to be a potentate — a dictator

Air America Radio

Now this is symptomatic of the desperate and pathetic scrambling to vilify Obama which currently appears to be a hallmark of the right.

Hey, Bob! He was in Ohio, and standing in front of the Ohio state flag.

I wonder if Bob has sense enough to be embarrassed, and I wonder if he’ll apologize.

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2 responses to “Obama’s Potentate Flag

  • Postman

    As a writer, it worries me that you can’t write satire that’s crazier than the things they say out loud, now.

  • Lottie

    No shit! I was saying to Mike that even if I had seen that and thought “WTF?” I would at least do a quick google search before spouting off publicly about it. Good grief!

    I wonder if Bob Grant has owned up to this blunder. I’ll check into it tonight. Gotta run…

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