Sarah Palin: Full Of Crap, Bless Her Heart

Sarah Palin responds to a heckler by saying that her son is in Iraq fighting for his right to protest:

Yes, she’s skillful — a skillful bullshitter, bless her heart.

Does she actually believe what she said, bless her heart? Or, bless her heart, is she capable of telling such a blatant lie regarding the purpose of this war, even with her own son serving there? Either way, she doesn’t exactly come out of that smelling like roses, bless her heart.

Don’t you just love the magic of “bless her heart”? When skillfully used, it makes lies, insults and attacks disappear into thin air. Amazing, isn’t it?

So she says that her son (not to mention the rest of the troops) are in Iraq fighting for the heckler’s right to protest, gives him a thumbs-up, blows him a kiss and then has him thrown out of the rally!

Assuming she actually believes what she said, and was sincere in her gestures of approval, it seems rather hypocritical to have a protester thrown out.

Not only that, but doesn’t it seem sort of like taking a dump on her son (and the rest of the troops)? I mean there they are risking their lives for our rights, while at the very same time those very same rights are being denied by the very same person who just reminded us what they’re fighting for in Iraq. Rather disrespectful to her son (and the rest of the troops) isn’t it?

You know, assuming she actually believed and meant what she said.

Incidentally, another magic formula is contained in “the troops”. You can get away with almost anything if you involve “the troops”. Want to squash dissent about the war? Say your opponent is disrespecting the troops. Want to make a pesky investigation vanish? Mention that your son is one of the troops, add in an “Aww, shucks!” for good measure, and watch those checks and balances disappear!

I’ve just watched the first clip again, several times, and in several different videos. I can’t quite make out what she says immediately after, “[…] my son is in Iraq fighting for your right to protest right now”. Does she actually follow up with, “… so watch what you say?” Surely not! But that’s kind of what it looks like, especially in this clip.

Am I imagining things, or did she really say that? What do you think? Would she really say something so utterly stupid and contradictory? Judging from what I’ve seen and heard for the past few weeks, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

Bless her heart.

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5 responses to “Sarah Palin: Full Of Crap, Bless Her Heart

  • Gary Murning

    Skilful? Did they really say she’s skilful? Skilful as in “having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude”? You know something, I’ve never actually tried it but I really, honestly and truly believe that my foreskin could think up a better, more effective riposte than that! That was just so, so lame — in fact, it was so lame I’m going to send over my spare wheelchair for her. Just in case she ever decides to try to be “skilful” again.

    I’d say it was a cynical use of her son and the war in general. I’d say she’s a vile, transparent, graceless individual whose intellect is as severely impaired as her hair. I’d say that whatever mistakes the American people have made in the past, and whatever they may make in the future, they do not deserve this sorry excuse for a politician. She’s inept to the point of self-parody. A political joke that even after such a short space of time just isn’t funny any more.

    And she’s smug, isn’t she? She actually thinks that she did a good job in responding to that protester. “Look at me, everybody, wasn’t I good? What do you think of that, then?”

    Vile, vile, vile!

  • Lottie

    Now, Gary, you know you don’t have to sugarcoat anything here. Just tell us how your really feel! 😆

    Seriously, thanks for this comment. It made me day!

  • B.T. Murtagh

    It sure looked like “…so watch what you say!” to me.

  • Lottie

    So I’m not imagining things. Good.

    Thanks for commenting!

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