Hey Sarah, You’re Not In Wasilla Anymore!

I bet she was wishing for a pair of ruby slippers last night, though.

I don’t have a lot of time, but if I don’t share a few thoughts about last night’s VP debates, I’ll be distracted by it all day long.

Sarah Palin first:

To begin with, if I had to watch her smile from ear to ear, crinkle her nose and wink into the camera like Elizabeth Montgomery doing Bewitched on speed one more time, I might well have thrown my television set out the window. Good thing she didn’t do that, as I have recently found a channel that plays repeats of Boston Legal (one of the few television programs I actually enjoy watching — I heart Alan Shore).

We are facing an extremely critical Presidential election, almost unprecedented in the history of the U.S., and Sarah Palin is acting like she was trying to sell scented candles for the PTA. To her credit, she obviously knows enough about foreign policy to hit top candle sales, though. She might even be able to sell a few to the Russians.

Palin was clearly reciting memorized lines, numbers and talking points. She was unable to speak, with any level of substance, on any of the issues. Even when asked about the Wall Street crisis, she reverted back to her comfort zone: energy. At one point, she even admitted that she may not answer questions the way Joe Biden or the moderator wanted her to (translation: not at all) but that she would “talk straight” to the American people.

I’m not sure if the wink following that statement was for us or for John McCain. I’m guessing it was for McCain, since she never did talk straight in the end. I felt slightly embarrassed for her, in fact. Her performance last night reminded me of the time I was being interviewed for a job in a doctor’s office and the only experience I had was being a patient. It was tense and embarrassing, and it was obvious to anyone with a lick of sense that I didn’t belong there.

But, hey! She spoke in complete (rehearsed) sentences most of the time, which is more than I had expected. And she didn’t puke, faint or bolt, which wouldn’t have surprised me a bit. If you compare it with her previous performances, it was a run-away success…

Next, Joe Biden:

I think his biggest flaw was the obvious amusement he was unable to conceal when Palin was speaking. It could be seen as arrogant, but he is human after all, and she was amusing.

I keep hearing how exceedingly well Biden performed. He was was definitely good; he’s a very skilled debater and he certainly knows what he’s talking about. But with all due respect to the Senator, I could have kicked Sarah Palin’s arse in that debate, and I wouldn’t have been as kind as Senator Biden was. He showed remarkable restraint and tact, while not allowing Palin’s misrepresentation of the facts and Obama’s record to go unchallenged.

No, I think that saying Joe Biden exceeded expectations last night is more of an insult than a compliment to the Senator.

I think Biden’s strongest moment was what some may consider his weakest, however. When Sarah Palin talked about being from “main street” and understanding the struggles of average middle class people, this was Joe Biden’s response:

That’s what I’m talking about! And Barack Obama and Joe Biden seem to be the only ones listening.

My son said yesterday, for the the first time, that he might like to run for President some day. I told him I thought that would be great. He then said, without my saying another word, “And even if I’m rich by then, I’ll never forget where I came from.”

Obama – Binden

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8 responses to “Hey Sarah, You’re Not In Wasilla Anymore!

  • saintpaulgrrl

    If that unthinkable, awful, horrific thing should ever happen — that of our next President dying in office and his VP assuming the presidency — it would be horrific in one of two ways. The first way would be that we lost Barack Obama, both a good man and a competent President. The second way it could be horrific is that we lost John McCain and Sarah Palin became President. In example Number 1, I trust the competency of Joe Biden and would rest easy knowing that he was at the helm in our time of need. In the second case, I’d have to start popping Valium to keep from losing it with Palin in that position of leadership. That thought would keep me awake at night! 😦

  • Lottie

    Absolutely! As I watched and listened last night, I cringed at the thought of her actually taking over as President in the tragic event that a.) McCain is elected and b.) anything should happen to him. I think I’d be popping pills with you. It’s truly a disturbing and frightening thought.

    I told Mike the other day that if McCain is elected, I could very likely end up in bed for a couple of days crying my eyes out.

    But, like you, I would feel as comfortable with Joe Biden as I do with Barack Obama. And I have a really good feeling about this election.

  • saintpaulgrrl

    I’m trying to maintain an upbeat attitude towards this election. I think that our man, Barack Obama, stands an excellent chance of winning this election in a month. I remember the crushing disappointment, however, four years ago when Kerry lost the election. I fervently hope that we’re not disappointed like that again! I’ll be crying with you, sister.

  • Lottie

    I’m trying to stay upbeat too.

    I felt the same crushing disappointment when Kerry lost but, like you, I think we have a very good chance of winning this time.

    If you want a really good laugh, check out the video I just posted of Sharon Osbourne talking about Sarah Palin as VP. She compares the situation to a hokey Disney movie or Lifetime movie. She nails it and she’s hilarious too!

  • Mike

    I think the main difference between this time and last time is that Kerry was always a little too vulnerable; he didn’t campaign aggressively enough and let the Republicans walk all over him.

    Obama, on the other hand, seems bulletproof. He’s riding a wave of excellent campaigning and disaffection with the current regime.

    The most frightening thing about Palin as President, I think, would be that she’d be so terrible that any governing would be done via a network of advisors and special interests. She’d be like Bush, but worse; Bush without the political savvy.

  • Lottie

    Good greif! Just what we need — a winking George Bush. 😆

  • saintpaulgrrl

    OMG, a winking George Bush?? If you need me, I’ll be under my bed with the dust bunnies!

  • Lottie

    Good! Then I’ll have someone to talk to, ’cause that’s where I’ll be. 😆

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