Setting The Record Straight

I had planned to let this go. I had gone quietly when asked to leave Rigg’s blog, but several days later he was still running his mouth about me.

I could not possibly care less about childish name-calling or other typical trolling, but when someone continually makes misleading comments insinuating that I am dishonest or otherwise attempting to cast doubt on my character, integrity and motives, it’s time to fight back. This is not so much about defending myself, because I know my record speaks for itself, but about letting Rigg and people like him know that they won’t get away with it, that their slurs and smears will not be allowed to stand.

A little history first:

When I found Rigg’s blog a few months ago, I noticed a couple of people there with whom I was familiar. They seemed quite friendly, so I dropped a humorous little one-liner, completely unrelated to politics or religion. It seemed to go over well; Rigg welcomed me, said he liked my humor and asked if I was a Christian and/or a McCain supporter. I told him that I was neither. He assured me that he didn’t mind, and that he welcomed diversity and opposing viewpoints.

I started reading there semi-regularly, and while it quickly became obvious that Rigg and I were on opposite ends of the political spectrum, I try not to judge a whole person solely on his or her politics. Rigg seemed warm and friendly with visitors, which I like. So, just to let him know I was still around, I posted the occasional off-topic comment or joke for which he would thank me.

Things were going well, and I was often encouraged by Rigg to participate in some of the more serious discussions and share my views as soon as I felt ready. One day, I felt ready, and things have never been the same.

At first, Rigg became distant: he started ignoring my comments, which he had never done before. I didn’t think too much of it — people get busy and can’t always give their blogs their full attention. Or perhaps he welcomed opposing views, but didn’t enjoy debate like some folks do. Nothing personal.

And then one day, another reader posted a nasty comment to me, calling me a troll and telling me to leave. I didn’t believe for a second that Rigg would go along with this. Based on my previous interactions with him, I expected him to tell this person that he doesn’t ask people to leave his blog just for disagreeing.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I responded to the other reader saying that Rigg had welcomed me and asked me to share my views, but that I would leave if Rigg asked me to. Rigg then posted a comment asking me to “take a break” until after the election. Nothing personal, he just didn’t want me commenting on his blog anymore; I was “defending Obama a bit too much”, he said.

I told Rigg that I was disappointed; that I was only taking him up on his offer to jump in when I was ready, but that I would respect his wishes and stop commenting there. I apologized for having offended him and his other readers, and left him with a standing invitation to visit my blog.

I use the My Comments page in the WordPress Dashboard to keep up with where I’ve left comments. A few posts on Rigg’s blog kept popping up because I had commented under them before being asked to leave. Several days later, other readers were still taking shots at me and Rigg was joining in. The name-calling and general childishness weren’t worth responses. It’s kind of tacky to ask someone to leave and then continue to trash talk that person, but it’s his blog and he can say what he wants and allow whichever comments he wants.

Except, of course, when it constitutes libel.

When a well-known internet troll who had been harassing Mike and me for months turned up at Rigg’s place and posted a libelous comment about me, I decided that enough was enough, and commented again. I told him how I felt about him continuing to trash talk me after asking me to leave and explained my history with the troll. I also apologized for commenting after being asked not to, and said that I would “go back to my corner”.

Rigg deleted my comment but left the ones trashing me.

I didn’t want to comment again. I made a promise and, for all my many faults, I am true to my word. I discussed it with Mike and he decided to post a comment, mainly to ask Rigg to take care of the libelous comment made by the troll.

Rigg has been freaking out ever since. He’s commented here, making all kinds of insinuations about me, implying that I had been less than forthcoming in regard to my political views and a whole host of other things. What he clearly did not know was that Mike is my husband. This was made evident by his attempt to pit us against each other by insinuating things about me to Mike and vice versa.

His last comment about me on his blog was the last straw — the one that prompted this post. His sniveling attempt to cast himself as some kind of innocent victim in all this is pathetic, and I will not allow his manipulative shit-stirring to go unchallenged.

Rigg, you are the one who pretended to be something you were not. Not me. You are the one who misled me, and not vice versa. You have been caught lying and causing trouble simply because you failed to take the time to learn a few basic things.

The fact that Mike and I are married is plastered all over both our blogs, and yet that detail somehow escaped you. But because you don’t pay attention to anything not written by Michelle Malkin, you didn’t realize you were talking to a husband and wife, and apparently thought you could get away with trying to play us against each other. Just like you tried playing other people against me.

You are deceitful and manipulative, and you have absolutely no credibility as far as I’m concerned.

Incidentally, your obvious failure to read so much as the About pages of people before you start slinging shit around actually serves as evidence that you don’t research any of the blatant propaganda you slap on your blog, and that you are spoon-fed every one of your political views by Michelle Malkin. It’s the very reason you keep stepping in it, Rigg. You simply don’t know what you’re talking about or who you’re talking to. You parrot other people and copy and paste their work. No thought required.

In comments at your blog, you said the following:

It is just that the comments I have received lately and then seeing that post…it got to me.

I thought I could trust and I gave more room than I should have.

Well, cry me a bloody river!

No-one did anything to you, Rigg! I did not post “disgusting” comments on your blog, like you told my husband I did. Your insinuation here that I had done anything more than simply disagree with your politics —at your request— is misleading and deceitful.

And you didn’t “trust”. You were always in control because it was all on your blog. You didn’t have to trust. But I did, and look how well that turned out.

You are not a victim Rigg. Give it up!

You went on to say:

Now I am being threatened by some kinda compliant process I have never heard of.

That is a lie. You were not threatened in any sense of the word. Here is the comment in question:

By: Mike on September 12, 2008
at 11:59 pm

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Rigg: I’ve resisted commenting so far because I thought Lottie had everything well in hand, but this recent action of yours forces me to. It is simply unacceptable, both morally and according to the WordPress terms of service. You’ve allowed an attack on Lottie without allowing her to defend herself, which is morally dubious; you have allowed a definite libel in the form of the lie that she “admits to being a liar”, which is a TOS violation.

We are definitely considering reporting this to WordPress, and they take trolling and libellous statements very seriously. Your blog might end up suspended, if the issue were pressed. Please take care of this as soon as possible.

See? No threats. Just more of your typical exaggerated claims.

And, by the way, that was actually a courtesy to you, Rigg. We could have gone straight to WordPress with it, but we thought we would give you the chance to make it right.

You also said:

It makes it hard to comment on this due to the threat of possible complaints to some blog gestapo. I guess I’ll just have to take that chance.

So, I have probably already said too much. I will tell you that from now on I will be very careful about who I let comment here. I may just have to post a blog on this subject.

Oh please! No-one is trying to control what you put on your blog. If we were, we could have gone straight to WordPress to try and get your blog suspended for a TOS violation. But we didn’t. We went to you and simply asked you to correct it. You did and now it’s over. Stop acting like a wounded victim. You’re not.

Oh, and way to trivialize the slaughter of millions of innocent people! Maybe you can write to Michelle Malkin and ask her to explain all about the Gestapo. Better yet, you might want to read about it yourself or ask someone who doesn’t lie for a living. Or perhaps you don’t really care seeing as the millions who were enslaved, tortured and slaughtered weren’t Christian Republicans and therefore probably didn’t deserve the air they were breathing to begin with, huh?

Now, I will leave this right here provided you cut the crap and stop lying about me. I told you in a comment you deleted, so long as you continue with the innuendoes and misleading remarks, I will continue to correct them. I trust that you now see I mean business.

Good day.

Posted by Lottie — Copyright © 2008 Rambling On

9 responses to “Setting The Record Straight

  • saintpaulgrrl

    Good luck with getting this situation straightened out. No one needs this kind of irritation and b.s. in their lives.

  • Lottie

    Thanks Bonnie. I hate even having this crap on my blog, but it’s really my only recourse.

    Thanks for your support. I appreciate it.

  • truthwalker

    Wow. I’m totally selfish about my blog. I write it purely for me. I love it when other people read it, but write it for ME. So I really don’t care when I get wacky comments, in fact I pride myself on having a group of unbalanced readers 🙂
    What is ODD to me is how similar this situation is to one I had with a friend of mine who is a fundy. I wrote “Mike Huckabee is tool” on his tag board and he went ape shit.
    ‘Said I “vandalized” his public property, his face to the world, and hurt his ministry.
    For a bunch of people who tell us all we deserve eternal torment, fundies get offended awfully easily.

  • Lottie

    I wrote “Mike Huckabee is tool” on his tag board and he went ape shit.
    ‘Said I “vandalized” his public property, his face to the world, and hurt his ministry.

    Now that’s priceless! 😆

  • Mike

    But Huckabee is a tool. That’s not vandalism, that’s a public service announcement: “Don’t vote for this guy, because he’s a complete douche. With love from your Government”, style of thing.

  • Lottie

    Something I forgot to mention in the post is that I wasn’t even defending Obama, per se (not that I wouldn’t). In this case, I was actually just standing up for the truth and perhaps common sense. If someone told a blatant lie about McCain, I would speak up about that too. Some people just don’t seem to “get” that kind of thing because they’re busy trying to destroy people.

    I feel a new post coming on.

  • Selena

    I had no idea all of this was going on. Rigg knows that I don’t agree with all of his views. He met me when I was defending The arguement that believers should be able to vote democrat, he knew I was more of a liberal type of believer, but wanted me to comment on his blog. I told him he was too serious and needed to lighten up. Then he created “Selena’s Idea”, but he removed it, hehe.
    Sorry this has happend.

  • Mike

    Some people just don’t seem to “get” that kind of thing because they’re busy trying to destroy people.

    Right, exactly. Some people are all about the partisanship.

    I feel a new post coming on.

    I look forward to seeing it 🙂

  • Lottie


    I’m really glad you’re not put off by my posting this. I wasn’t sure what kind of relationship you had with Rigg, and I didn’t want to offend you or, worse, put you in the middle of it. But I felt it all needed to be said, especially in light of all the insinuations that I had been dishonest somehow. I absolutely despise that kind of crap.

    I also appreciate what you said under Lipstick Smears. I just didn’t want to say too much there because I knew you had other stuff on your mind after the evacuation and all. Much bigger fish to fry and all that…

    Thanks for commenting!

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