I’ve been a having a discussion with a blogger named Rigg, who said regarding Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, that “in the Democrats’ view all children are game if it will take down their opponent”. This extraordinary statement comes at the very end of the post. I commented only to point out that Obama himself stated that Palin’s family — especially her children — are off limits and that he would fire anyone from his campaign who takes part in the rumor mongering.

Rigg objected to Obama’s public statement on the grounds that he made it after the attacks had already started. I then asked when he thought would have been appropriate, and pointed out the problems with making such a statement prior to the onset of the attacks. After two days of twisting like a worm on a hook, Rigg has not yet answered that simple question.

I honestly cannot understand the reasoning behind Rigg’s position. Rather than simply acknowledging that Obama has taken an honorable stance on the Bristol Palin issue, he is absolutely determined to turn even that — a point on which people from both sides can actually agree — into a point of contention. It’s mind-boggling.

Now, I wasn’t planning to blog about this; it’s really a minor point and more of an annoyance than anything else. But then I saw this:

Some people are defending Obama after he stated that Palin’s family — especially her children — are off limits and that he would fire anyone from his campaign who takes part in the rumor mongering.

Sound familiar? Yes, Rigg quoted me verbatim without using so much as a quotation mark — another relatively minor annoyance, but there it is.

The problem with him using my words as an opening to his post has less to do with the issue of plagiarism and more to do with the fact that it is misleading and disingenuous — it’s rigged. He follows the unattributed quote with this:

Others see Obama involved in the Sarah Palin smear campaign.

Some people may not want to read this exact copy of the latest Sarah Palin smear direct from the Obama Biden Web Site. I am reprinting it here for all to read word for word.

Except… he fails to deliver. He opens with an implicit promise to show Barack Obama or someone from his campaign attacking Sarah Palin’s family after publicly stating that families are off limits. Of course, he knows he can’t make good on this and acknowledges the same later in the above quoted paragraph:

Note that the date is Sept. 5th after Obama said to lay off. Ok it is not “her family” but it is beyond “rumor mongering” it is a lie about Sarah Palin.

So, in other words, what he’s about to show us has nothing to do with Obama’s call to “lay off”. Rigg is just using that as an attention grabber; I suspect he is hoping that pesky little detail will be overlooked and that a few suckers will buy his post as proof that Obama is a hypocrite.

Not only does Rigg fail to show smears by Obama or someone from his campaign against Sarah Palin’s family, he fails to show them engaging in smears at all. He links to one article by Charley James, and one showing Bill Maher making cracks about baby Trig, but nothing from Obama. He did quote, from Obama’s website, a piece criticizing Sarah Palin on specific issues relevant to the position she is running for, but since when did criticizing a politician on the issues become “smearing” or “rumor mongering”?

This is completely unscrupulous. Not only did Rigg use my words without so much as a quotation mark to give the impression he had the goods on Barack Obama, he failed to live up to that promise. What Rigg has done is smear Obama. The irony is delicious!

I shouldn’t be surprised really. These despicable tactics are second nature for the majority of right-wingers* . But I admit that there was a time when I thought Rigg was different, which is why I bothered trying to reason with him to begin with. Live and learn.

*One McCain supporter that I know of, after hearing about Obama’s public statement, made a post about it and acknowledged the decency of it.

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