Daily Archives: September 5, 2008

Flashback Friday

This week’s flashback is dedicated to the most wonderful man in the world. He is my best friend and confidant, and despite my many flaws and imperfections I know he loves me. And I do love him with all my heart.

Our circumstances have always been less than perfect. In fact they’ve been downright miserable at times. But we have held hands and climbed mountains together, carrying one another when necessary, and we will continue to do so. I can honestly say that I’m even thankful for the difficult times because they have taught us endurance and strengthened our love.

It is because of our flaws and shortcomings, as well as our imperfect circumstances, that we have found room to grow and improve. All the growing we’ve done together, supporting each other along the way, has helped create a bond that we wouldn’t otherwise have. And I look forward to a lifetime of growth and improvement, in love.

Michael, I love you so much that there aren’t enough words in all the languages of the world to express it. Loving you and being loved by you has changed the way I see the world. I now know ways of being and of loving that I’d never been able to imagine, much less hope for, till there was you:

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