The Obligatory Sarah Palin Post

I wish people would stop making me defend McCain and company; it makes me feel like I need to scrub myself. All the mud-slinging in reference to Sarah Palin’s daughter is the kind of bottom-feeding, slimy tactics I would expect from the McCain campaign.

First, I would like to respond to claims that none of this would have happened if only Sarah Palin had stayed home and raised her kids. While some feminists have abused the term “misogynist” to the point of rendering it virtually meaningless, I can’t think of another word to describe this line of thinking. Well, “stupid” comes to mind, but that’s rather obvious.

Bristol Palin has a mother and a father! Why aren’t people outraged by the fact that he didn’t stay home and raise his children? It’s classic misogynistic thinking.

Then there’s the finger-wagging of “See what happens when you leave children unattended?”

Bristol Palin will be eighteen-years old next month! She is not a child. It’s not rational to think that someone her age should be “attended” around the clock. She’s perfectly capable of consenting to sex and of legal age to do so. The results of her consensual sexual activity are her responsibility and do not reflect on her mother, father or anyone else.

As strongly as I oppose abstinence-only “education”, this situation is not a case against it, as some are trying to argue. Regardless of the type of sex education mandated in Alaska public schools, we don’t know what she was taught about sex or birth control in the home.

Many people who argue against comprehensive sex education in schools do so because they believe it should be taught at home and at the discretion of parents. I don’t know what Bristol Palin’s parents discussed with her over tea, or whether or not she was using birth control, and neither do you. And more to the point, it’s none of our damn business!

There are a lot of legitimate arguments against Sarah Palin’s fitness to serve as Vice President of the United States. Her teenage daughter’s pregnancy is not one of them. It does not “go to show how Palin has managed her home”, as some are claiming. It does go to show that Bristol is a normal, healthy sexual being who engaged in sexual activity, as do the majority of humans. There is no moral judgment to be made against her, and certainly not her parents.

I think Americans need to stop acting like sex is something dirty and shameful. We obsess over who’s doing it, and how and when and who with and in what position. We try to control and dictate the sexual activities of other people, and pass judgment when people do something we wouldn’t do (or admit to). It’s absurd and embarrassing.

Sex is a normal part of being human. Most people engage in sexual activity. That’s why there are so many people around to have sex! We need to stop acting like a bunch a prudes who think sex is icky when we know full well that it’s damn good, which is why we’re all doing it in the first place.

In other words: shut the hell up about Bristol Palin and her pregnancy. Obama supporters who are drooling over it are making the rest of us look bad. And if you really support Obama, you’ll stop it right now. He is so disgusted by the whole attack on Bristol that he has vowed to fire anyone from his campaign who takes part in it.

To the McCain supporters who are sympathetic to the Palin family: stop with the long faces and all the talk about how you’re just glad to see this family sticking together at a time like this. Give me a break! She’s not Elizabeth Edwards, for crying out loud. The girl is pregnant. And let me tell you something, it could be hell of a lot worse.

Think about it: She wants her baby. The father is sticking around. I’m betting she has health insurance. Her family has the means to provide help with the baby while Bristol continues her education. They won’t likely end up on public assistance, which should just light up the dark little conservative places you call your hearts.

Really, it could be a lot worse. Bristol Palin has advantages I didn’t have when I had my son, and I was thirty years of age and had already been married for five years! So please, stop acting like someone died or something.

Everyone, please stop obsessing and overreacting. We have much bigger issues to deal with than the pregnancy of a privileged (almost) eighteen-year old.

I’m hungry. Anyone else want some eggs or something? Coffee? It’s fresh!

Posted by Lottie — Copyright © 2008 Rambling On

4 responses to “The Obligatory Sarah Palin Post

  • Postman

    Good for you, Lottie. There’s plenty about the woman to criticize without attacking her family.

    By the way, I have an old friend who’s part of the secret, theocratic cabal that runs the Republican party, and she says she likes your obligatory Sarah Palin post more than mine. For a fascist, oil-guzzling Gawd-Botherer, she can be pretty discerning.

  • Lottie

    Why, thank you, Postman!

    You’ll have to introduce me to your friend sometime. Does she like Scotch too?

  • Postman

    I don’t want to tell tales out of school, but even though she doesn’t drink scotch, she’s the coolest religious nut I know. Such a sad waste, really.

  • Lottie

    Maybe I can talk her into a shot of Cuervo then. 😉

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