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Thank You

For my precious husband, Michael. I would be lost without you.

[Edit: I put the video below the fold because it’s frozen on a clip that looks a bit more sensual than it actually is, and it might not be work or kid friendly.]

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Lottie’s Self-hosted Pity Party

Do you ever have days when you feel like you could drop completely out of sight and it wouldn’t make one bit of difference? Like, what exactly am I doing here besides killing time?

So much for that. Party over! You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here. Well, you can, but there won’t be much going on.

Not that there ever was.

Upddate: OK, that was stupid. I know exactly what I’m doing here. And I’m going to keep doing it, as I feel inspired.

I’d delete this, but I think it will serve as a reminder of… something… useful… someday.

Sorry for the disruption. Move along now folks. There’s nothing to see here.

Saturday Cartoons

One for the feminists ::whistles innocently::

Pix Plz – courtesy of xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language

Flashback Friday

I can’t remember the last time I saw a cigarette ad on television. Maybe I never did.

Check out the Flintstones selling Winston. And smoking them! It’s weird since we’re not used to seeing ads like this, but it’s kind of funny too!

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Barking Mad

My neighbors are arseholes. There, I said it.

My landlord used to be my roommate and owns the house we live in. She moved out last November. Since I don’t have a car and my neighbors frequently have guests and not enough parking space, I thought it would be a nice gesture to allow their guests to use my driveway when they need to. There’s enough room for two large vehicles or three compact cars. They immediately started taking me up on the offer.

At first they were just parking there, but staying in the neighbors’ yard. But there’s no fence: our yards are divided by a flower garden and some shrubs. After a while, they started migrating in this direction, hanging out by the cars in my driveway, eating, drinking and being merry. I thought it was a bit presumptuous, but I shrugged it off.

Then they started allowing all their kids to play soccer/football and other games in my front yard. They never asked me if this was OK, and did not invite my son to play with them. It seemed they had started thinking of my yard as an extension of theirs. I thought this was rude, especially given that they never even acknowledged my presence when I was coming or going from the house.
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Xanax Please?

My nerves are totally shot!

We went to my son’s school tonight (by the time this goes up it’ll have tomorrow’s date, but whatever) for a mandatory [Mascot] “camp”.

And let me stop right there to ask: Since when is a two hour meeting and campus tour defined as a “camp”? It seems like everything kids do at school these days outside school hours is called “camp”. When I was a kid and someone said “camp”, it meant I’d better take my sleeping bag and some insect repellent.

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My Interview With The Pakistani Spectator

I was interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator! They seem like a very nice group of people, and I was happy to have the opportunity. You can read the interview here.

The hot topic there, of course, is Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf who resigned yesterday. It’s interesting to hear the many different thoughts and viewpoints about Musharraf’s presidency over the years, as well as his resignation.

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