My Interview With The Pakistani Spectator

I was interviewed by The Pakistani Spectator! They seem like a very nice group of people, and I was happy to have the opportunity. You can read the interview here.

The hot topic there, of course, is Pakistani President, Pervez Musharraf who resigned yesterday. It’s interesting to hear the many different thoughts and viewpoints about Musharraf’s presidency over the years, as well as his resignation.

From Nobody Runs Forever, by A Khokar:

President Pervez Musharraf came in power through a military coup and has ruled this nation of 160 millions Pakistanis as dictator for last about 9 years. During his tenure, there have been lots many upheavals and turmoil in the country. Now he is seen marching toward his exit door and it is felt that sadly while he is going out; he is leaving this nation in the hands of yet another set of known pilferers, authoritarians and thugs.

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From Good Riddance, by Ali Yar Khan:

Whether through the charismatic diplomacy and pleading of the interlocutors of Musharraf or through the back door convincing of Saudis or through the behind the scenes arm-twisting of American, at least Pakistanis have seen the materialization of their mandate given on the 18th February and the tinpot dictator is no more at the helm of the affairs and the fortified Presidential Palace has released it’s captive to the abatement of many.

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From I Feel Like Orphan After Musharraf, by Gul Raiz:

The man who resurrected the country from the ashes after 1999, the man who pulled the country out of despair, exasperation, frustration and agony and showed the light at the end of the tunnel has gone with grim face bidding farewell to the well being of the country. The man has gone and now the rats are dancing.

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What an emotional time for the people of Pakistan. I will definitely be following their progress and I wish them well.

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