Lazy Sunday Round-up

This week, The Sensuous Curmudgeon responds to an article written by Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute. The article is entitled The Proper Rebuttal to the Flying Spaghetti Monster: Cartoon Satire on South Park. In it, Luskin refers to the almighty FSM as “arbitrary, silly and unscientific”. The blasphemer! Check out The Curmudgeon’s response!

Vjack, author of Atheist Revolution has written about a group of Christians in a small town in Indiana who are recording license plates and taking photos of people coming and going from a local porn shop. They then post the photos to a website in an effort to scare off customers and force the shop to close.

You have got to watch the video linked to from this post at “Why, That’s Delightful!” with Graham Linehan. It’s a video of a woman freaking out over a rainbow in her water sprinkler. Apparently, this is evidence of a government conspiracy to poison us. Or something. Bless her heart. But damn, it’s funny!

In Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless, Christine Tarbet writes about her struggle to find affordable health insurance. She currently pays more than $475 per month for COBRA and still had to pay $50 for ear drops last week! She’s having a hard time getting new coverage because, after all, she’s actually been sick a few times in the last ten years. None of this would be an issue if we had national health care.

Is the end of the world approaching? Will we all be gobbled up by black holes, or something? Read Tenth of September 2008 β€” The End of the World?, by Gary Murning to find out (I hope he doesn’t think I’m Annie Wilkes in disguise).

That’s all for this week. If I keep sitting here, I’ll drink more coffee. If I drink more coffee, I’ll be impersonating a pinball for the rest of the day.

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13 responses to “Lazy Sunday Round-up

  • vjack

    Wait a second, the author of Furiously Rational did NOT write the post you cited above. I did. The author of Furiously Rational copied the entire post from my blog for some reason. Here is the original link:

    Thank you for correcting this.

  • Gary Murning

    You mean you’re not? Damn. Being forced to write a novel is my idea of heaven! πŸ˜‰

  • J.P. Franklin

    Furiously Rational is my blog, I didn’t write that article, it is from Atheist Revolution: Morality Police Go After Indiana Adult Store. Please give them the credit for this article.

  • Lottie


    Thank you for calling this to my attention. I take this kind of thing very seriously. In fact my next post (which will go up to tomorrow) is about copyright and plagiarism. It will also address the problem with splogs/scraper blogs. It’s something that’s been heavy on my mind for about a week now because I recently had some of my work copied without my permission and I was quite angry about it. This can serve as another example of what can go wrong when entire articles/posts are copied.

    J.P. Franklin:

    Thank you for following up as well. I have a feeling that this is not the typical scraper/splogger situation. They never respond to requests for appropriate citation. Well, one person responded to me by telling me to sue him or shut up. I just hope that this incident will serve as a lesson to all of us, as well as to anyone reading along.

    From now on, I will make a better effort to investigate before linking to posts on blogs I’m not familiar with.

    Again, thank you both for calling this my attention and for your patience while I made the necessary changes. If any other changes are in order, please let me know and I will get right on it.

    Best regards,

  • Lottie


    OK, then. But I promise not to drug you or anything. πŸ˜‰

  • J.P. Franklin

    It’s not your fault, I shouldn’t have had that article posted like that. WordPress has this new “Press This” feature which I thought would just link to the other site, I didn’t realize it was going to copy the whole article. I really feel bad about it, I know I’d be really upset if someone stole something I wrote, sorry for all the confusion.

  • Lottie

    Well, thanks for following up.

    I’m surprised WP has a feature that does that. I wonder if it’s a bug and if they know.

    Looks like we’ve both made the necessary corrections. I hope to hear back from vjack. I feel bad about it too.

    Thanks again, J.P.

  • Mike

    As I understood it, the “Press This” thing was just to add things which you found interesting and the like. I haven’t actually used it, myself, so I could well be wrong. In any event, maybe you should go ahead and report it to WP; if their past behaviour is anything to go by, they’re always looking to improve their service.

  • Lottie

    So it probably is a bug then! Reporting it might be a good idea. I can’t imagine that WP intended it to work that way seeing as it is their policy to suspend blogs that routinely do that.

    Maybe I’ll send in a report too.

  • Mike

    It might be best to post a comment here.

  • Lottie

    Several people have complained about the feature doing exactly what it did to J.P. It’s making innocent people look bad, while making it easier for real content thieves to steal our work.

    WordPress really needs to fix that.

  • Gary Murning

    I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever. No sign of a bug here — but then, I always make it a point to check the post, anyway. Ultimately, if it’s on my blog it is my responsibility. Everything I’ve used β€œPress This” with has correctly credited the author, however.

  • Lottie

    Thanks for the feedback, Gary!

    I reported the problem to WP. Anthony tested it and said there doesn’t seem to be a problem with it. Maybe some of the people complaining about it haven’t used it yet, and have simply misunderstood it’s purpose. Some folks might also be using it incorrectly. Not blaming anyone. Just that it’s a new feature…

    Anyway, I’m glad we worked that out without any serious issues. I’d better be extra careful on Sundays from now on.

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