Lazy Sunday Round-up

I’m really enjoying these round-ups. While I have a few blogs that I read every day or at least stop by regularly, this little project forces me to venture a little further into the blogosphere in search of new material. It’s interesting, fun and educational. I’m definitely going to keep doing this!

Let’s start the morning off with a laugh: Archie posted an oldie but a goody that’s sure to make you chuckle. He also has tons of other great stuff you’ll want to check out while you’re there.

Bad at the Bad Idea Blog wrote an excellent piece discussing the work of Oxford psychologist Olivera Petrovich, who claims in a recent interview that her research has shown that the concept of God is essentially endemic to toddlers, while atheism has to be learned later on.

Pillowtalker, author of Pillow Talk with a Sassy Sexpert, has written comprehensively about the many problems surrounding abstinence-only until marriage “education”. This is one of my pet topics and she covers many of the same points that I take issue with, points which cannot be emphasized enough.

In Hotbuttons at The Odd Blog, Mike shares his thoughts on the hotly debated topic of whether or not men can be feminists. It’s very good and, as usual, Mike tells it like it is. Do check it out!

I doubt I’ll ever do one of these and not mention Gary (unless, of course, he asked me not to). In the short time that he and I have been acquainted, I have grown very fond of him and, in fact, regard him as a true friend. But that’s not the only reason I keep up with his blog and link to it as often as I do. Gary is an outstanding writer with a brilliant mind and he’s one of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. All that said, Gary has posted about his interview with The Pakistani Spectator this past week. Stop by Gary’s blog to find out what happened after the interview.

Pop Feminist discusses the history of The Beatles from a feminist perspective. She points out that “screaming girls” were way ahead of Ed Sullivan who is largely credited for delivering The Beatles to America. The title of the post is Erasing Women. A couple of excerpts:

With only a single gestured reference to Ed Sullivan’s witnessing of the British “screaming girls”, he— with his clear and reasoned masculine intelligence through which this emotive feminine display is interpreted– delivers the Beatles to America.

Given another imagining of this event, one can just as accurately say, “the girls’ demand for The Beatles forced Ed Sullivan, along with most other media outlets, to bring the Beatles to America.” In this telling, the women are the ones who “discovered” The Beatles, an account that certainly rings true to my ears.


The Beatles were the eye of a feminine hurricane, large groups of women were traveling long distances to see them, women were exercising tremendous consumer power to purchase their music and merchandise, women all over the world GOT LOUD, organizing a host of sexual anxieties around Beatles symbolism. Women, the first large group of Beatles fans, determined the shape of a world-wide pop culture. In an era before second wave feminism, this wasn’t just threatening– it was terrifying.

Very well stated!

I can’t think of a better place to wrap it up than this. Told you I was one of the true feminists. ::wink::

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