Fish Camp

My son will be attending the S.T.E.M. program at his middle school. Today and tomorrow they are having what they call “Fish Camp” . It’s an orientation program for first year S.T.E.M students. Parents are not required to attend, and my son really wanted to go by himself. I decided that it would serve as a sort of trial or drill for the rest of the school year.

Armed with my cell phone, a fresh haircut and “hot” clothes, he left the house about an hour ago. We agreed on a compromise: he will take the city bus in the morning and walk home in the afternoon. That way he doesn’t have to rush to make it to school on time. He thought that was a good idea, and liked the idea of having an extra half hour of sleep.

So he’s there now. He made it safe and sound, all on his own. I knew it would be OK, I just can’t help feeling a little anxious, even though I know Mike and I have raised him to be responsible and trustworthy; he does the right thing even when it’s not easy, and tells the truth even when he knows he might get into trouble.

He’ll do well, and he’ll be fine. I’m very proud of my son.

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