Thanks Nick @ WordPress!

When I have a complaint, I don’t mind voicing it. But I also think it’s important to recognize people for a job well done.

To be honest, I didn’t expect much support in response to my complaint which I outlined in Tags Gone Wild. But come to think of it, the reason I didn’t know what to expect is because I’ve never had to send in a complaint before. Seven months with WordPress and not a single issue. That says a lot for these guys, in my opinion.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know that Nick @ WordPress has been just great about helping with this problem. He’s followed up periodically throughout the day and I just received another email from him. He wanted to let me know which of my posts he could still see in the public listings and to ask if I was having trouble with any others. That was very cool!

I appreciate the prompt attention that was given to this matter. They could have easily ignored me, but they took my concern seriously and treated me respectfully. I get the feeling we have a really nice bunch of people behind the scenes here at WordPress!

2 responses to “Thanks Nick @ WordPress!

  • Gary Murning

    On the rare occasions that I’ve needed them, I too have found support and the support forum to be excellent. I’ve blogged using three different platforms over recent years, and WordPress is by far the most superior — in just about every respect.

  • Lottie

    I told Nick that I was sorry for being so cocky about the whole thing. It was just very irritated by it, and the fact that they don’t work on weekends just gave it time to fester (not blaming them).

    But when they got back on Monday, they were right on top of it. And the post I made this morning is listed under every tag I used for it.

    Nick was also very nice about it. Some of the support teams I’ve dealt with in the past were rude and treated me like an annoyance when I had a problem. I didn’t get that from Nick.

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