Daily Archives: July 7, 2008

A Woman In Love

I just finished opening my heart to you, as I often do. I’m able to do this because I know my heart is safe with you. After the talk we had a few minutes ago, I know you will understand the things I am about to say and why I have to say them here for all the world to see.

Thank you, Michael, for saving me; for leading me out of the darkness into the light. You have been a friend and constant companion; a teacher and mentor. You discovered all of me by giving me the freedom to explore and discover every aspect of myself and fully accept it all.

I look forward to a lifetime of new discoveries as we continue to grow as a couple and develop as individuals.

I trust you fully with my very life; I would confidently place it in your hands. Or at your feet. With you, there is safety even in being vulnerable; in loving completely, without conditions or restrictions, and in being loved just the same.

You encourage me to press forward, even when I feel I can’t go on. You have helped me become all that I am by helping me test my own limits and expand my own boundaries. You did this, not by simply replacing my strength with yours, but by showing me my own when I was certain I had lost it.

With you, all is right with the world. I no longer feel confused, lost or alone. You give me direction that I know I can follow and you never walk so fast or so far ahead that I can’t keep up.

You, Michael, are my foundation; my rock. Because of you, my hope is renewed and I know that everything is going to work out just fine.

Friends, neighbors and co-workers look at me and see a woman who’s “together”. What they don’t see is the love and protection that enfolds me and keeps me that way; the love and protection that comes only from you. And while the parts of me that they see are quite real, no-one will ever see the entirety of who I am; the completeness of me that is only present when I melt into your arms and surrender my love to the one who nurtures it and keeps it safe – you.

The following song keeps playing in my mind, and I want to share it with you to further express how I’m feeling right now. I will post the lyrics under the video for you to read in case you’re not able to listen at the moment.

Some of the images in the following video may not be kid or work friendly.

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