An Apology To Miss Behaving

A couple of days ago I wrote a rather nasty post accusing Miss Behaving, author of Miss Behaving of being dishonest. Upon further examination of the situation, I now believe that I was mistaken and that I completely over-reacted.

I have since deleted the post, and Miss Behaving has graciously accepted the apology I posted in comments at her blog. Given the harshness of the things I said, however, I don’t feel as though I’ve done enough to rectify the situation. In an effort to do so, I would like to issue an apology just as publicly as I made accusation.

I was wrong about Miss Behaving, and I apologize for the things I posted about her and her blog.

The problem seems to have been the result of a technical glitch and, embarrassingly, my own impatience. I offer my sincerest apology to Miss Behaving for wrongly accusing her of dishonesty and for directing negative attention to her blog. Her blog is nice and friendly; she writes about life in Japan, family matters and her house which is currently under renovation. She could probably give you a few pointers on ordering pine plank floors.

I also owe an apology to Renaissanceronin who seems to have been another innocent party caught in the wake of my misdirected anger. I was confused about who was who, and who had written what and… Oh boy! I should have asked questions before going off half-cocked like I did.

So, I apologize to Miss Behaving and Renaissanceronin for my extremely bad behavior and for any stress it may have caused them. I am embarrassed by what I did; it seems I am the one who was misbehaving this time.

5 responses to “An Apology To Miss Behaving

  • Miss Behaving

    I think it is really very good of you to do this.
    All is well, it is easy for misunderstandings to occur through the net.
    No harm done AND we now all know who wrote the ‘Paradox’ piece.
    Thanks for saying nice stuff about my blog, next time if you include the words
    ‘funny, really really bloody funny’ I wouldn’t mind. LOL . πŸ˜‰

  • Mike

    Hi there! I’m Lottie’s husband and I just approved your comment because she asked me to. She’s having a little computer trouble, but she does know about your nice comment and will respond as soon as she’s able to πŸ™‚

  • Lottie

    I’m back! Thanks for stopping by again. I’ll come and visit you again once I get caught up here.

  • renaissanceronin

    Thanks for stepping up. I keep reminding people that sometimes, “what you see isn’t what’s actually there” where the internet is concerned.

    They don’t call it the “great void” for nothing.

    And don’t feel too bad, I’m notorious for putting my Nikes down my own throat. At least it keeps life interesting! LOL!

    So behave yourself, or I’ll put you back in for that “spanking…” LOL!


  • Lottie

    Hey, RR! Thanks for stopping by and for being so nice about it. A lot of people don’t forgive so easily. I do appreciate it.

    And if I ever pull something that asinine again, I’ll bend over and take my spanking like a… person who… needs one. Doh! LOL

    Take care! And thanks again.

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