Daily Archives: May 27, 2008

A Question Of Ethics

I value honesty and integrity above all things. When blogging, I do my best to be straightforward and direct. For instance, if I am addressing or writing about an individual, I will name the person. If I am responding to something specific from another blog, I will link to the post in question. Sometimes, I come across things on other blogs that trigger a thought or idea, and inspire me to write about something unrelated to the topic I’m reading at that time. Even then, I feel it is appropriate to credit the author for the inspiration.

I do not engage in the dishonest games I occasionally come across on other blogs. For example: making up stories and inventing “anonymous” sources to try and make a point (not the same as writing fiction and calling it that), creating multiple accounts and using them to “high-five” myself in comments or give the appearance of having more than one contributor to my blog or making posts or comments that are clearly passive-aggressive shots at unnamed individuals. This type of behavior damages credibility, something I value far too much to jeopardize by playing such childish games.

Credibility – the issue that inspired this post.

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