Speaking For All Men

WARNING: This post contains strong language.

I came across a dive of a blog last night and just had to post about it here. The blog is called Unfiltered: The Real Dirt Inside Men’s Minds – The real, unfiltered, politically incorrect truth about what men think.

Yep, that’s right guys – he speaks for you all. But don’t worry, he appears to have Dissociative Identity Disorder (Exhibit A) so I doubt he’s taken very seriously by well-adjusted people.

I started to comment on something he had said in one particular post, but decided against it since I don’t like hanging out in dives with men who think they know everything about women but clearly know nothing at all. So Mr. Thoughtful (yes, I’m serious) will have to settle for my pingback instead.

First I will post the portion of an article that Mr. Thoughtful quoted and then commented on:

Chandra Myers will be in Brooklyn Federal Court today to face off against Sara Lee Bakeries and Bimbo Bakeries USA Inc., which distributes Thomas’ English Muffins, Entenmann’s and other treats.

Myers contends the bakery giants defied orders to garnish a total of $36,000 from Robert Sean Myers’ wages from 2001 to 2004.

“It is unfortunate in today’s society that we not only have deadbeat dads, but we have deadbeat companies,” declared Myers, who has latched onto a rarely used statute to demand a half-million dollars in penalties and interest along with the millions in damages from the firms.

Bimbo’s lawyers and Chandra Myers’ ex charge the suit is without merit. Sara Lee had no comment.

Robert Sean Myers, a Los Angeles bakery deliverer, said he has records showing that he’s attempted to meet child support demands for his 6-year-old daughter.

He insists he won’t settle the suit with his ex-wife because $611 of his $1,600 monthly income now goes to their daughter. He also has five other kids to support, he said.

But Chandra Myers has a standing order requiring him to pay $2,000 per month in support based on her expenses. Now $61,000 behind, Robert Sean Myers says he’s tried to negotiate a payment plan, but she’s intent on getting him extradited here. Under state law, if his owed child support exceeds $50,000, he loses his right to appear in court to defend himself against her charges.

Daily News

I will only comment on a tiny bit of Mr. Thoughtful’s post; one that represents a mindset which has become much too common, in my opinion. I am referring to the comment in bold:

Timothy McVeigh had the right to appear in court to defend himself against the charges of blowing up the federal building in Oklahoma City, killing hundreds of people. He even had a first-rate lawyer appointed for him and paid by the taxpayers.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be soon tried in a US court, and even this guy, accused of masterminding the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, killing 3,000 people, will get to appear and defend himself in court. In fact, I’m pretty sure he will get the services of a first-rate lawyer to defend him, paid by the taxpayers.

But apparently not this bakery delivery guy, Robert Myers, who never killed anyone and pays more than a third of his income to his ex-wife already.

Astonishing News Story About Child Support

No, Mr. Thoughtful, he pays it to one of his six children. And why not? $611 is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of raising and supporting a child. I guarantee you the child’s mother contributes at least twice that amount.

I get so fucking tired of listening to pathetic grown men whine about having to help support the children they helped make. And it just pisses me off even more to hear them (or someone speaking in their defense) say that they are “paying the ex-wife”. Wrong again, dickheads!

Another one of Mr. Thoughtful’s complaints is that Mr. Meyers allegedly is not allowed to defend himself against the charges, due to the excessive amount of support he owes. I can’t help wondering why the man let it get to that point, though. He could have filed for an adjustment of support before he hit the magic number of $50,000 in the hole (he actually owed $61,000 at the time the article was written). With a $2,000 per month support order and actually paying $611 per month, it would have taken three years to hit that magic number. And he waits until then to cry foul? Well, cry me a fucking river, dumbass!

And another thing: support orders are not based solely on the expenses of the custodial parent as the article implies, but also on the income of the non-custodial parent. The only way this woman was granted an order of support exceeding her child’s father’s income is if the moron didn’t show his arse in court to dispute it.

This guy is an irresponsible idiot, not a victim!

It literally nauseates me to listen to pathetic grown men whining about taking care of their responsibilities, and trying to blame everyone and their dogs for the fact that they don’t. They need to grow the hell up already! If they can’t support six kids (or even one) or don’t want to, they need to keep their fucking pants zipped! And if the court orders them to pay more in support than they earn, they need to get their sorry arses down to the courthouse and do something about it instead of letting it stack up for three years to the tune of $61,000. How fucking stupid does someone have to be?!

I really need to stop now. ::deep breath::

For the record, I am fully aware that there are irresponsible, deadbeat mothers out there as well, and they piss me off just the same. I only targeted men this time because I was addressing a specific post about a man, by a man.

I am also aware that there are several other important issues surrounding this case. I do not wish to ignore or undermine those issues, they simply are not the focus of this particular post.

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