Beauty And The Brain

I recently made a post entitled Virtual Bitchslap. While I have no desire to rehash it all, I do feel that I should clarify a few things.

I’ll begin by explaining that in some instances I was merely taking the piss:

The term sometimes refers to a form of mockery in which the mocker exaggerates the other person’s characteristics; pretending to take on their attitudes, etc., in order to make them look silly.

Wikipedia – Taking the piss

Further reading for my fellow non-British readers:

[…] to take the piss is to deflate somebody, to disabuse them of their mistaken belief that they are special.

World Wide Words – Take the piss

Taking the piss doesn’t always translate well in text, so it’s no wonder that there was some question regarding my true thoughts about one thing in particular.

Regretfully, while writing Virtual Bitchslap, I became so involved in driving home a particular point to a particular person, that I neglected to make a few other necessary points.

I seems I may have given the impression that I think attractive people can’t be intelligent or vice versa. As Ideanna correctly stated, beauty and brains can, and often do, coexist quite nicely. It was certainly not my intention to pit beauty against brains, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by my comments.

That said, I would also like to mention that I know first hand how well looks and brains can go together. My husband is incredibly handsome, and also very intelligent. Of course you might think I’m biased, and you’d be right. But I also know what society deems attractive (as discussed in Virtual Bitchslap), and he definitely fits the bill. I also see how other women turn and look at him.

Boy, did I hit the jackpot! My husband is a hunk, and a brain. So I hope you now understand my true thoughts on the subject of beauty and brains.

It might also be helpful to know that I do not consider myself unattractive either. But another thing Ideanna pointed out is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There is only one beholder whose opinion interests me, and he thinks I’m totally hot! No, really…

Again, I apologize for not making this clarification to begin with, and for any offense caused by the carelessness of my words. I will make an extra effort to avoid this kind of misunderstanding in the future.

Thank you for reading Rambling On.

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