I do! I do!

On March 20, 2008 at approximately 11:45 a.m. I married my best friend and love of my life. It’s been a difficult, seven year journey for us, mostly because we live on separate continents. But we are deeply in love and committed to each other, so the wait has definitely been worth it.

Now that the immigration process begins, so does the next wait.

Four hours ago, I left Mike at the airport. It was incredibly sad and painful for us both. I miss him so much…

An old country song keeps playing in my head. This is the chorus:

Silver wings
Shining in the sunlight
Roaring engines
Headed somewhere in flight
They’re taking you away
And leaving me lonely
Silver wings
Slowly fading out of sight

Now I’ll wait for the silver wings to bring you back, Baby!

I love you with all that I am and all that I have!

4 responses to “I do! I do!

  • garymurning

    A mere blink of an eye compared to the lifetime you’ll soon be spending together, I know it still must be extremely hard, Lottie. Hold onto those happy thoughts of what you have together, etc., though — that way time will fly. And so will The Hubby… back to your arms for good.

    (That’s what you git fur quotin’ country sawngs 😉 )

  • Lottie

    Thanks so much, Gary, for such lovely words of support and encouragement. It really helps.

    (Your Texan accent is impressive! 😉 )

  • garymurning

    I’m glad it helps. You two are the Good People.

    I’ve been taking Texan lessons, actually 🙂

  • Lottie

    Sorry I’m just now getting to this. I’ve been catching up on some work I fell behind on.

    I did see the video you posted. Those were great, weren’t they? I used to watch them when I was a kid. Um… in reruns, of course. 😉

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