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As a follow-up to What About Bob? , I will now address Student Doctor Bob’s emails.

Email #1 – received Mon, 25 Feb 2008 16:03:54 -0600:

Thanks for the comment again. I responded to your questions in the comments under the current post.

Yes, Bob, you responded to my questions. And your responses were even more nonsensical than what I had questioned in the first place. When this was pointed out to you, you promptly deleted the entire exchange. It’s almost as if you were trying to hide something.

I’ll revisit Socialized medicine again in months to come as the presidential election draws closer.

That should be interesting. I’ll definitely look forward to it.

As for other topics I’m going to shift toward the effect of medical television(House, Grays Anatomy, etc) on the view of medicine from a med students perspective in the next post which will be next week after I finish block examinations this week. So look for a title like “Things I’ve Learned about Medicine from House M.D.”. If you want to check those out feel free to drop on in.

Perfect. And since I watch The People’s Court and Law & Order I’ll pretend to be an authority on the American judicial system, and dispense free legal advice. After that, we can play dress up and have a tea party.

Also I’ll be doing a post on being a DO which apparently needs to be explained a little better since DOs as a whole are under represented in the media.

News flash, Bobby: the news media is not the only source of information in the world.

I have no idea why you would conclude that a lack of media exposure is the reason people don’t understand something. But I must say that the fact that you have is quite telling.

Especially, since I’ve received numerous comments that being in Osteopathic Medical school vs Allopathic Med School is the same as Community College vs Universities.

What? I don’t understand this. Perhaps it hasn’t received adequate media coverage.


Thanks again,
Student Doctor Bob

You’re so welcome.

Email #2 – received Mon, 25 Feb 2008 21:07:58 -0600:

I didnt mean for that to come off as being rude, but if you actually read into the post you would see that they were moved to my other blog.

Yes, I read the post, Bobby. And I’m not the one with comprehension problems. I also looked at the other blog. You moved your posts there, but did not include the comments that I made after your invitation to do so. That is not just rude but dishonest.

I merely ended the discussion of socialized medicine on my wordpress blog.

You ended the discussion. Period. I wouldn’t read from your script and tell you what you wanted to hear, so you took your ball and ran home crying. And you’re probably still pouting.

I didnt realize the move would irritate you so much..

Really? It never occurred to you that someone who had invested her valuable time contributing to your blog – at your invitation – might become a little irritated over having her work deleted?

Your inability to empathize will not make for a very good bedside manner.

youre free to go to and post as many comments as you like,

Right. You were free to copy and past your original posts, and I’m free to completely rewrite my comments. And what’s to stop you from pulling the same stunt after I invest my time contributing to your new blog?

And what of the comment you made which was deleted along with the rest of the discussion? I replied to that as well. How would you suggest I address that now, in its complete absence?

but like my post said the discussion is closed on my wordpress blog merely because I dont have the time at this moment to argue this point or that point.

Part of the beauty of blogs is that you can come and go at your leisure without missing anything. It’s possible to take a break from blogging without wiping out entire discussions. Or hadn’t that occurred to you either, Doc? Or perhaps it did, and I don’t have time is just a bullshit excuse for deleting my comments because they exposed how completely unreasonable and downright idiotic your so-called arguments were.

When the discussion and time allows I’ll post another argument against socialized medicine and we can discuss it then.

Or we could pick up where we had left off like other people do. Oh wait! We can’t. You deleted the place where we left off.

And more to the point, what do you mean you’ll post “another” argument against socialized medicine? You haven’t posted one yet. You’ve posted arguments against your imaginary version of socialized medicine, and the imaginary problems that will accompany it on the same day pigs learn to fly. That is not an argument against socialized medicine.

Don’t feel bad, though. Even a top-notch medical student like you can’t be expected to argue against something he can’t define.

Furthermore, I dont consider a move dishonest or rude merely a move to what is essentially described as “The Best of Life & Med School” on my links page.

I wouldn’t have considered it dishonest or rude either if you had transferred my comments along with it. But you didn’t. You used the move as an excuse to dump my comments because they exposed your ignorance. That is dishonest. You did this after pursuing me and asking me to contribute what you referred to as “balance”. That is rude.

What happened, Bobby? Did it give you a dizzy spell instead?

Email #3 – received Tue, 26 Feb 2008 00:07:07 -0600


I’m not moderating comments I just dont see the point in approving them if they have nothing to do with the post in general.

Hey, genius! That’s what moderating is!

The socialized medicine posts have been moved to my other blog. So I dont see the point in commenting about the posts being deleted.

Whatever your reasons, it’s still moderating. Can you explain why my posts weren’t moderated until after I sliced and diced your so-called arguments? Never mind. That question sort of answered itself, didn’t it?

Furthermore, with the increase in class load I don’t have the time necessary to search for quotes or even attempt to argue my opinion on that matter.

So what are you saying? You need other people’s words to make your case for you? You can’t think or speak for yourself?

It also sounds like you might be saying that you haven’t actually researched the topic yet. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t post arguments and go searching for material to support them after I’ve been challenged. It’s accepted practice to include your sources along with your argument. I would think a medical student would already be in the habit of citing sources, what with all the research assignments you must have had during those rigorous Pre-Med years.

But how does any of what you’ve said explain deleting other people’s comments anyway, Bobby?

And by the way, this may come as a shock to you, but other people have busy lives and value their time too. Not just medical students named Bob.

So I’m sorry if you feel moderated or unapprove of my post movement but you have to understand med school is a busy time and its hard to make an argument when you have Cardiac Physiology, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, and Principles and Procedures exams breathing down your neck.

First of all, I don’t “feel moderated”. Moderating is what you did, by definition.

And you just noticed all these things “breathing down your neck” in the last couple of days? Surely you were aware before now that you were enrolled in all these classes! You wouldn’t be making excuses again, would you? Of course you are. And they’re not even good ones.

And it’s “disapprove”, not “unapprove”, college boy.

Honestly, you can say I’m not showing good social manner or anything by moving the post, but you can’t argue I’m not going to be a good physician when all I’m trying to do is decrease my workload blogwise so I can study more.

Oh, I can definitely say you won’t make a good physician. And I could provide a long list of reasons why I think so. I’ll post the first one now:

1. Student Doctor Bob will not make a good physician because in order to become a good physician, he would first need to become a medical student in real life instead of posing as one on the internet.

In the long run I believe that will aid in being a good physician versus arguing a point on a blog.

Bullshit. You backed out because you got slammed. See also: story, end of.

Stay tuned for round three – the dissection of Poser Bob’s “arguments” against socialized medicine. When and if I get around to it, that is

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