Earning My Salary In The Nude

So I’ve been working at this place for about four months, and things have been getting tenser by the day. Not just because of the stressful office environment, but also because of my home situation.

I had been a stay-home mom for about nine years before I took this job out of necessity. I was torn between needing to provide for my son, and my desire to be available for him emotionally and physically. Four months in, we were feeling the effects, and they weren’t good for either of us.

I decided to resign and find work that would accommodate my son’s school schedule. There just didn’t seem to be any other option.

Before I continue, I would like to stress that I would never criticize or judge other parents for leaving their children to work. Parents have to decide what’s best for their children based on individual needs and circumstances. Which is exactly what I did for mine.

I wrote my resignation, including an explanation, and emailed it on Monday, mentioning that I would be in on Thursday to clear out my desk and pick up my final paycheck. No-one contacted me that day, so I assumed that was that.

Tuesday afternoon, I received an email from the office administrator asking me to call her, because she had an offer to discuss with me. I called first thing yesterday, and she told me that management had discussed my situation and wanted to offer me a position working from home.

I was speechless for about five seconds, which might be a record for me.

She said that in my four months with the company, I had shown myself to be dependable and disciplined enough to handle this new opportunity. They have two other people who work from home (and this is a very large company) and it’s only ever done on a part-time basis. But because part-time employees don’t receive full benefits, they’re allowing me to do it full-time so I won’t lose my health insurance.

I can set my own schedule, working longer on some days than others; whatever works for me. I report to the office once a week for about half an hour to exchange paperwork, report my hours for the week, and collect my paycheck. That’s the only time I’ll ever have to get dressed. Other than that, I can earn my salary in the nude if I want to.

But of course, the best part is being here for my son.

Life is good! The only thing missing now is Mike, and that won’t be the case for much longer.

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