The 2008 Lunar Eclipse

My son and I have been watching the eclipse. It’s cloudy where we are, but the clouds are moving quickly, and the moon is never hidden for more than a minute or a so.

I just stepped out again and it’s almost fully eclipsed. A huge cloud just blew in front of it. My son will call me when the moon reappears.

It’s beautiful and awe inspiring. There won’t be another total eclipse until 2010.

I’m off to see the rest of it.



That was amazing! We got a huge break in the clouds just in time to see the total eclipse. Watching the clouds roll was nice and relaxing too. I wish we’d had a telescope, but we did get see it through a neighbor’s binoculars.

The sky and the stuff in it are totally cool! But the most special part was sharing the moment with my precious little boy.

One response to “The 2008 Lunar Eclipse

  • Timotheus


    The feelings you have for your son, new husband, and the lunar eclipse you looked at and said, “It’s beautiful and awe inspiring.” Where does that come from? Why do humans even care about these things?


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