Psycho Bus Driver – My Worst Trip To Date

Warning: This post contains strong language which may be offensive to some readers.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t own a car, meaning I take the bus when I go places outside of walking distance. I purchase a monthly pass for myself; for my son, I take advantage of the outstanding student discount available, and purchase the semester pass for him. Because the semester pass only has to be renewed twice a year, it’s easy to forget about until we try to board with an expired pass.

We were standing at the bus stop yesterday when I got out my son’s pass, and it occurred to me that it had probably expired. There is no expiration date on the semester passes; not even a month. They do have a colored sticker which changes each time they’re renewed, but there’s no real way to know if it’s expired until a driver tells you. Since this was his first trip since the start of the month, I wasn’t sure.

I told my son to go ahead and show his pass in case it was still good; I figured the driver would let us know if it had expired. I also had his fifty cent fare in my hand, in case it was. The bus pulled up, my son showed his pass as he boarded, and that’s where it all hit the fan.

The driver became irate. He shouted at my son, “This is expired!” I told him that I thought it might be, but just wanted to make sure. I then dropped my coins in the slot.

My son had already taken his seat when the bus driver demanded that I bring him the card; he wanted to remove the sticker because it was apparently the property of the bus company. I thought it was a bit petty, but told my son to give him the card.

While my son stood waiting, the driver furiously scratched and scraped at the button-sized sticker until it was coming off in tiny pieces, which he then threw away. While this was going on, my son turned and looked at me, questioningly. I shrugged and slightly rolled my eyes (the driver couldn’t see me) and told my son, in a matter of fact tone, that the sticker had to be removed because it was expired. The driver shouted at us again, and in a very angry and accusatory tone, said, “That’s right it is [company] property! And if you don’t remove it when you’re supposed to, we have the right to take it!”

I was slightly taken aback by his outburst, and said, “O. K. I’m not arguing the point, I was just explaining to my son.” The driver did not respond to this.

By the time we reached our destination, I was still really annoyed by the way he had treated us. Before leaving the bus, I said, “You know, your attitude toward us was completely uncalled for.”

He growled back at me, “This is the way I talk! If you don’t like it, report me!”

“You are very rude, and I intend to,” I said.

And then he came completely unglued! His face tightened up as if it might explode. His eyes became bright red, and bulged as if they might pop out of their sockets. He shouted at me through clenched teeth, chest heaving, “You’re a fucking bitch! And you need to take care of your responsibilities instead of trying to cheat the company!”

I could scarcely believe what I was seeing or hearing, and only replied, “What?!”

He repeated himself, louder and even angrier, if that were possible, “You’re a fucking bitch and you’re trying to cheat the company!

I said, “Cheat the company? I paid the fare.”

He said, “Yeah, after I told you!”

I told him that we hadn’t known for sure if the pass was expired, but were confident that he would, and reminded him that I already had the money in my hand when I boarded. I then said, “So don’t you dare accuse me of stealing or even trying to.”

He then said, “Fuck you bitch! Get the fuck off my bus!”

I’m not proud of what I did next, but mostly because my son witnessed it. As I exited the bus, I called him a jackass. Right before he took off, I turned around and shot him the finger. He opened the door again and shouted at me, “Stick that up your ass bitch, ’cause that’s what you need!”

I shot the finger again. He drove away, kicking up gravel from beneath his tires.

After calling the main office and reporting the incident, I had a talk with my son and explained that I wasn’t proud of how I had behaved, and that even though I was provoked, my reaction was inappropriate. I still feel embarrassed about it. To be honest, I hate even posting it here, but if I’m going to give a true account of what happened, I have to include it.

This driver is a loose cannon. He is out of control and dangerous. The rage in his face told me that if there hadn’t been other people on that bus, he would have physically assaulted me.

This psycho should be severely reprimanded and relieved of his position as a driver, if not fired. And I intend to do everything within my power to see that it happens. If he thinks the complaint I filed is the last he’ll hear from me, he’s got another think coming. The next thing I intend to do is send a certified letter, reporting every detail of what happened.

If the company does not not take action, and continues allowing this madman on the streets, something bad is going to happen. He will eventually crash the bus, cause someone else to have an accident, or physically assault someone. And the day I hear about it in the news, I will contact whoever is reporting it and say that the company had been warned about him. There will be no way for the bus company to deny liability.

12 responses to “Psycho Bus Driver – My Worst Trip To Date

  • SkunnyAKASelena

    He was extremely verbally abusive. He needs to be fired ASAP!

    I’ve been in situations where I had to explain to my son that I shouldn’t have reacted the way that I did either, but it is reality and we are human. Don’t be too hard on yourself. 🙂

  • Lottie

    Hey, Selena!

    Thanks for your supportive comment.

    My son naturally sided with me, and told me I hadn’t done anything wrong, that the guy deserved it, etc. Of course he’s going to be partial to his mom. I had to tread carefully and explain that while my reaction may have been understandable in the circumstances, that still didn’t make it acceptable. But like you said, we’re human and we don’t always get it right. We talked about that too.

    Ah, the joys of parenting, huh?

  • SkunnyAKASelena

    “Ah, the joys of parenting, huh?”

    I know! He’s only eight and I have made so many mistakes already, I fear the teen years…

  • Lottie

    Mine will start middle school this year, so I know what you mean.

  • ideanna

    I am going through a somewhat similar experience. My then nine-year-old son was assaulted by his public school bus driver in September 2007, and I have: filed a police report; written to the superintendent twice; called and written to the transportation supervisor; called the magistrate (who thinks that a case like this might not even be prosecuted due to the ages of the children, even though the principal himself heard the driver shout to my son, “If he was a man I would have killed him!” The bus driver to my knowledge was neither suspended nor sanctioned in any meaningful way. In fact he was driving the bus the very next day! He has in fact gotten away with this, and this sends a horrible message to my son, to the driver himself and our community at large, not to mention degrades the competency and credibility of the Montgomery County, VA, school system, where this assault took place. I have omitted most of the details, but the implied threat to kill my son should’ve been reason enough to take immediate and serious action.

    I feel for you, and do not understand the inactions of these various bodies and institutions. You shouldn’t waste your time feeling guilty (although it does show you to be the more mature party in your situation) for your very human reaction to his horrendous behavior.

  • Lottie

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    […] the implied threat to kill my son should’ve been reason enough to take immediate and serious action.

    My thoughts, exactly!

    I feel for you, and do not understand the inactions of these various bodies and institutions.

    I don’t understand it either. Surely public safety and the potential liability of keeping these kinds of people around outweigh the need to cover a route? Their thinking, whatever it may be, is truly beyond me.

    Thank you for your kind words. You have my support and sympathy as well.

  • ideanna

    Thank you, Lottie. Just knowing there are thoughtful, common-sense people “out there” is comforting. When these ticking time bombs get away with these kinds of things, one can lose all faith in our institutions; institutions most of us are taught, while growing up, to respect and trust. When, as you say, you learn their decisions may come down, cynically, to the cost to them, be it the cost and hassle of training/hiring another employee, or cost of employee retaliation or both, instead of the more rightful concern for potential legal liability for harm to the public or the loftier concern for public safety, it’s awfully hard not to get cynical yourself.

    Good luck, Lottie. You, too, have my empathy for what you went through.

  • ideanna

    To All who might be interested. I just e-mailed the superintendent (again), letting her know I do not intend to drop this matter. Here is her nonsensical non-response, and gives you a glimpse into how protracted the process can be and evasive they can be when asked to simply do the right thing. In my case the right thing was to meet with us and explain their inaction, as well as impose some kind of sanction. I think their goal is to tire you out, until you’re too exhausted to keep fighting.

    Mrs. X,

    Thank you for the email. In response to your previous correspondence I sent you written correspondence stating that Dr. Graham, the director of elementary education, would investigate the incidents as she does for all elementary school and she has done that and has sent you correspondence as well.

    I do appreciate your email and if you did not receive the previous written correspondence, we certainly can send additional copies as the issue has been addressed in the manner that administration feels is most appropriate. I have copied Dr. Graham on your email to ensure she is informed as the director of elementary education..

    Tiffany Anderson, Ed.D.

  • Lottie

    Thanks for the update.

    I don’t know if you had intended to leave your real name there, but I edited it out just in case, to protect your privacy. If you want me to put it back in, just let me know. Your wish is my command.


  • ideanna

    Thanks, Lottie. I appreciate your redacting my name! I am new to the blogging world, and I also did not mean to put all this information about our situation on your blog. Sorry. I plan on starting our own blog about our bad experience with “psycho drivers” and psycho school systems, too!

    Take care, and hope justice serves you better in the future. Do you have any new information about your situation?

  • Lottie

    No need to apologize. I welcome comments and appreciate you sharing your experience. Please feel free to post comments here any time.

    I don’t have an update on our situation right now. I got married last week, so I’ve been a bit preoccupied. 😉

    I’ll definitely keep you posted as things progress!

  • ideanna

    CONGRATULATIONS, Lottie! That’s wonderful!

    My best to you and yours, and I will be watching for any new updates about your situation!

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